Monday, January 30, 2012

A mix tape for you....

Remember back in high school when friends made mix tapes for each other? I kind of think it's a boy/girl thing. I know it is a great way to grab my attention....
Thought I'd make you(all) a mix tape/blog.     

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Denim Mobile

2012 promises to be a fun year at Nextdoor with the addition of our Denim Mobile. We'll be out and about the Greater Milwaukee area at community events and festivals. We'll even show up at your door for a denim party, invited of course. So stay tuned, look for us on the road and in your neighborhood. From our door to yours!
You know I will drive this rig like its a Volkswagen Bug....I can parallel park it as well! 
We'll be out as soon as the snow melts.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

So Cal, So Good

 CMC Apparel Market in Los Angeles is quite something.  We found many lines that can only be found on the west coast. 
10 floors in one building + dozens more in the 
other 2 buildings = serious fun finds! We added three lines of handbags along with new knits, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, gorgeous scarves, and the latest spring denim from DL1961! I have to say the DL1961 is what made 
me most washes and fits!   
All are heading to our store this week 
and the weeks to come.   
Shop at our website to see some of what's in today!

All this buying makes a girl hungry. A hot dog wrapped with bacon topped with pico de gallo with a grilled jalapeno.... chased with an icy diet coke. This snack will keep a group of buying gals going for the day!

 That is until dinner......

Bottega Louie in downtown LA is a busy restaurant, gourmet market, patisserie, and bar. 
The macaroons and desserts were amazing. The breakfast, dinner, cocktails, and freshly squeezed juices were also something to write home about. We had some amazing food  each time we stopped in. 

Heading to LA? Check them out on Facebook  
and see what to order when you get there.

The design is simple yet beautiful.

The open kitchen was my favorite part of the whole place.

Well that is until they brought the bread to the table. It was not only pretty, but warm and delicious. Didn't know Los Angeleons ate bread..carbs?

 The macaroons melted in my mouth. Patrice was not the biggest fan so I ate hers.

We could have had these brussel sprouts with pistachios for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Ridiculously good!

 Found this photo on a foodie blog......key lime macaroon with berries which Bottega Louie's is known for!


Not to mention the portobello fries, I think I am going to try to make these at home.....Sorry for the really out of order blog from food to dessert then back to food....
I am flustered by the goodness here.
This place is my new favorite. Wonder if they ship?

Taylor Lautner even frequents this joint. This pic was for my girls, they dig him!

Is it funny that I traveled for fashion purposes and then eat like there are no sizes in clothing! Ha!

Met a funny guy while out on our last night in LA.
I mean funny literally, he is a comedian. 
We were at the Roger Room on La Cienega Boulevard
in West Hollywood.  I know the whole stranger-danger's not like we accepted drinks from anyone. He gave us tickets to his show, which of course we were back in the 414 by then....but still, meeting new, funny, and non-serial killer people is how I like to roll. Either way, I have a new Facebook pal. Find him here and maybe he'll be your "friend" too.  Your welcome you'll have more fans!

LA was fun, even the work part of it.  Choosing new and stylish lines for the store really can't be called is challenging, inspiring, and sometimes just plain fun. 



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Pinnacle

pin·na·cle   n.   The highest point; the culmination, the highest stage of development Architecture: A small turret or spire on a roof or buttress. A tall pointed formation, such as a mountain peak.  

(also the name of a Tennessee based airline.....Greg, I remembered the next day)

For me I believe the pinnacle was having my third healthy baby girl.  It felt like I had figured out what I was to be doing and where I was suppose to be .  Of course, over time there has to be other can't be the pinnacle of life at age 32.  It has been easy for me to realize my life is full of these highs and lows, these pinnacles and valleys.  Becoming a teenager, making the basketball team, getting into college, college graduation, wedding day, child birth, first day of kindergarten, full day school for my youngest kiddo, promotions at work, losing a parent, new job, divorce, independence, success,'s all a roller coaster.  I remember the end of the movie Parenthood, where the elderly grandmother tells Mary Steenburgun and Steve Martin how life is like a roller coaster, all the ups, and downs, the scary yet invigorating feelings....she sounds like she has dementia, when in reality she is just telling the way it is.....the ride is what is so fun, so worth the effort.  

Now, at age 39 I want the ride, I don't just want 
to go round and round. 
The pinnacles are worth just as much as the valleys!

Be back tomorrow with more about our LA trip. Of course it was all work and we had no fun at all. ;)


Saturday, January 14, 2012


That's right, my life is super glamorous. I wear pink heels to school pick up.  I have a fluffly little pup that smells like gardenias.  My very expensive sunglasses are always clean and scratch free. My bag is always tidy and always matches my unscuffed shoes.  I always fly first class and never have more than one libation in flight as to not dry my skin. 

Yeah, well maybe not all of that is true, ok really none of it. But it was fun to type. Heading to LA tomorrow...I'll let you in on the goods we find and you can bum rush me at the store in a week or so.



Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get to know the playas!!

 Many of you who read this blog have stopped into NextDoor. Yet there are those of you that either live far far away, or you do
live in the Milwaukee area yet have not ventured over to the 
corner of Capitol Drive and Brookfield Road. Not only do I post about my super exciting life, I also will share coupons and sales we are running at NextDoor. 
Whichever you read Chambers Street for,  I'm glad you are a
reader/browser of my blog. 

I would like to introduce you to the chicks that I have the pleasure of working with.
L to R (Amanda, Steph, Lexie, Ashley, Andrea, Renotta, Me, Vicky, Lynee, Sherry, Claire, Ellen)

 We all have our style unique to us, yet we blend together pretty seamlessly.  When we head to market for buying, we all choose fairly different styles which is great for our customers, which of course, vary in their own style!

Even though NextDoor has plenty of square feet to show off our extensive denim lines, it still has that small store feel.

I think the store has that vibe because we all get along so well and we truly enjoy seeing women that shop with us find just the right piece.  We have fun helping our customers choose stylish clothes that make them look and feel good. Not sure if it's okay to say, but we are not a commission-based store. We aren't pushy and our goal is to help find the best fit for you. Ok, enough with the blatant honesty about my time spent at NextDoor..... On with the playas!!
clockwise from the upper L:   
Lynee, another resident blogger is lovely! She has her hand in many things and she does them all so well. Check her blog, it's easier than me typing it ALL down. :)   

Renotta, Owner, Blogger, Knitting Queen, AJ's Grandma, Andrea's Mom, and Bob's favorite girl! Find more about Renotta HERE.  

LEXIE, one of our favorite teen bloggers, Granddaughter of Renotta, as well as being a natural at picking cute fashions!   

Andrea and AJ(baby boy), mommy of 1 and 1 more on the way, buyer, horse lover~Grandson, table climber, future Denim King.  

Amanda(with me, but you know enough about me), Marquette University gal, Blogger, photographer, Katy Perry look-alike, KISS.FM intern, my personal denim picker outer, Ashley's BFF, along with my daughters' favorite babysitter!  

Ashley, Proud aunt to Addison, Hard working gal for both her family business AND NextDoor, Amanda's BFF, and super stylish as well!  

Ellen, Another favorite blogger, check it out HERE,  DSHA student, our teen style watcher!

more pics of Lynee, Lexie, Ashley, Me and the denim king,

Then you have our everything gal,  
Stephanie. She can answer pretty much any question about the ins and outs of the store, 
she has a love for music and seeing local bands play, 
along with being known for her dry sense of humor! 

Next is Claire, love her! She and I work Fridays together (along with Steph and Amanda, our 4some has a great time!) Claire always has a fashionable outfit, pretty lipstick and has a happy and enviable marriage! She has plenty of good advice and always makes fun outfit choices for her customers.  

Vicky is next, we rarely get to work together :( but when we do, it's fun and easy. Vicky is married and has two little kids. I need to get to know her a bit more....

Sherry is our go-to-gal. She knows our inventory and incoming orders like the back of her hand. She knows denim like no other, she has fantastic hair, a great hubby and son!

(Sherry, Amanda, and Ellen)

Now, for some news. See this vehicle? You just might see me in it around town. If you do, stop me, say hi, grab a coupon for the store, and browse some denim that we'll have board!! More news on our mobile store soon!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I don't look back much as a rule....

I was born 39 years ago today yesterday. 
The second daughter for my parents . 
I was 2 weeks late and had a load of black hair. 
I don't look back much as a rule....that is partially true, I don't. But it's not always because I don't want to it's because my memory is for sh*t.  I keep saying I will try crossword puzzles or Ginkgo Biloba, but I haven't committed to that yet.  

Year 38 was interesting, challenging, confusing, entertaining, enlightening, disappointing, fulfilling, daunting, unfortunate,  and optimistic.  All the while I felt blessed, happy, and fortunate for my children,
my family, my friends, (the old and the new) and our health.

This little tune is one of my favorites. Don't look too much into the lyrics...they all don't fit into my life.
But, much of it is fitting. When I listen I sort of think of my relationships with people along with
losing my mom over a year ago.
The warm light on a winters day IS comforting and her memory IS here and I would like it to stay. Listen in and you'll probably really like The Shins as well.

This year is starting out promising.  I work for two different businesses. One being NextDoor for which I write this blog, along with store hours and buying trips.  We are headed to LA this coming Sunday.  I feel certain we will find many new and unique lines to carry at the store.  Going with Renotta and Patrice.  Patrice owns a store in Hinsdale.  She's back here commuting to Chicago and is my next door neighbor...we don't have any fun at all. : wink wink!

Spent my birthday with my 3 little gals. My sister had us over for dinner. My favorite Cuban pork with lime garlic sauce! Black beans and rice chased by my brother-in-laws famous Patron Margaritas. Best Birthday! Check it.....Yum!
Thanks Sister!

Thank you to my friends and family for the birthday wishes...and the brunch....and the gifts....and the dinners
and the beautiful flower delivery! :) Life would not be the same without all of you in it!

(Some of my favorite gals this past weekend. Danni, Alexia, and Me)


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where the he** have I been?

When I decided without purpose to take a hiatus from writing I didn't think it would have been this long.  A week, maybe two turned into a month and then some.  
Well it's 2012 and I'm back~
Instead of a paragraph or two to catch up on the past month I'll do it faster with some pics. Here it goes!

Packer Game with a excellent group of friends.

On the "Lancaster Rock Star Bus" of course!

 Dr Sue Klein...the best DDS you'll visit! :)                                 

and me...the best Jenny you might visit. No?

Renotta had all of us NextDoor girls over to her beautiful home for a Holiday dinner.

Check out her studio! It is seriously ahhhmazing!
Learn more about Renotta's studio here

Ula made a delicious cake...Ula is Renotta's friend and wonderful housekeeper.

Getting my AJ fix.  AJ is Andrea's son and Renotta's grandson, aka, The Denim King. :)

The 2011-2012 Catholic School Basketball season has begun! We are pumped up...both Rachel and Ellie play...and play well. I am the asst. coach for Ellie's team, and way excited about the next two months worth of weekend games! 

Came across photos from last year on my computer. Thought I lost them when I needed a new hard 
glad to have not.

Vicky's sister Jenny's wedding was a great day.

 Vic and Laura, two of my favorite people. xoxo

Danni and I way back in show and a terribly blurry version of a photo of my past.

 Love this photo of Holly and I with our Dad. I am the chubby one on the left.

Nina filling time at basketball practice. She loves these fake glasses I got at a party....they look too cute on her.

 My nephew Jeff is in a band. They play lots of Greenday. Santa gave him some serious new drums for Christmas and I have to say he is really is the rest of his band!

So this Christmas my girls had an Elf on the Shelf. He toilet papered their room? Ridiculous. Read here for more well written information on this tradition. Really you must click on the link I have provided you, it is hilarious! Do it....

 Cousin Cookie baking day, huge mess. I am still finding sprinkles on the kitchen floor.

Jeff, my drummer nephew also is also my handyman. We put these bunk beds together in a half hour!

Kind of decided I like wine more this month as well. These are some new ones that were introduced to me, really tasty.

 Again, more hoops. It will be this way all winter....super fun!

Nina and our friend Karli at the mall. Spent a day after Christmas wandering and browsing.

The Reyes and Novak girls trying 
everything on at Abercrombie.

 More cookie decorating and the glasses! Was much less messy this time.

 Christmas Eve, fondue!

We went ice skating at The Petite Olympic Center on New Years Eve day. No pics of that, or I would have injured myself. Ice skating is not my best sport. The girls did well and we are going to try again this week.

Spent New Years Eve night with great friends. Tasty dinner and a few rounds of Wii Family Feud, 
I know I am a super party animal!
New Years Day was all about eating and sipping champagne while watching football with friends. The Packers had an outstanding game with Matt Flynn setting team records. 
I am sure you all know about it matter what, he's getting paid this off season!

Today I have a sicky home from school. The first day back after winter break of course. Oh well, we are watching movies and eating eggs and toast.  We'll start back to our 2012 tomorrow, work and school.  Apologies if this past month has had really nothing exciting to write home about.  I do prefer less than more at this moment, it makes life easy and good.

Three random quotes I saw this month that made me snap a photo. Take em' for what it's worth to you.

Happy New Year....I am glad to be back!

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