Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yo Mama!

My girls and I tried something new tonight, well it was new to me. Yo Mama is the hot new place in Tosa.  My girls ride their bikes there with friends, but tonight they convinced me to check it out. (love these crazy little ladies.)

You start here...

Fill er' up (I chose ginger sorbet and pistachio yogurt)

Add some of this good stuff!
(I forgot to take pics of the healthy things...I added strawberries and raspberries.)

Then you pay and eat.

You can sit inside and read the cool walls.

Or sit outside the sweet new exterior.
A friend of mine and I were talking about this whole concept in the Midwest....what happens in winter? Does business slow so much that the rent is hard to pay?  Or do they have some sort of winter concept? Is it like the ski store in summer...when they sell patio furniture?
Do they sell hot chocolate? 
Why do I really care?....good lord I think too much.
I guess we'll see how it plays out when the snow falls.

We had a fun time. Our little "downtown" Tosa was bustling tonight. All of the outdoor restaurants were filled.  It was good for me and my chickys to get out.

Things in my personal life are changing and that's all I really want to say about that at this point.

That being said, I was at the Public Market with my 6 year old Nina on Tuesday afternoon.

I bargained with her..... if we could stop at Anthropologie we would then head to Kehr's Candies for a chocolate IPod. crumby photo, but she could hardly stay still because she wanted to eat it. :) It started to downpour while we were in the market....we didn't mind. We took the long way back to our car...we both didn't mind getting drenched.

While there I found a little self direction in the card section.

My personal favorite....

On a super happy little younger brother Michael married his high school love, Katie this past weekend. It was a great weekend.....what a perfect outdoor wedding with some of the most touching Irish prayers.

My younger (and little) brother, Vince with all of our kids.

Michael and Katie brew their own beer....they had 2 of their favorites at the reception.

Katie was a beautiful bride...this shot was taken with my phone in the cool.

We spent the wedding weekend at my friend Kori's house. We claimed to be house sitting, but they have a pool, live near all the wedding festivities...and it was 90 degrees everyday. Someone has to help a friend out when their out of town. (Thanks Kori. xo)

 The past 8 months have been sort of insane. I am getting off this crazy train and sinking myself into my life.
Here goes nothing. -JR

my lovely daughter snapped this shot. xo

P.S. Heading to Chicago this weekend for the Fall/Holiday buying trip at StyleMax.....sneak peeks for you next week.

P.S.S. Thanks Amy for convincing me to blog tonight...glad I kept running into you EVERY place in Tosa tonight. Oh, and thanks for being a loyal reader. ;)


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