Friday, June 10, 2011

Last Day of School, coffee tables, and Bike Night...a blog Montage?

I am so excited that yesterday was the last day of school!
My kids (and I) need a break from the crazy, hectic, scheduled, early morning, business that school days bring.

With all my free time this summer, (laughing) I am going to paint this table that has been in the basement. It was in great shape until one of my lovely daughters spilled juice on in and did not tell me.  Since I do not go down to that room too often, I found it about 2 days later. (you can see the dark stain in the photo along with numerous water spots from more kids....)

I don't know what color it should be yet,

but I am going to use this coupon....
You should too,  just copy, paste, and print.

Maybe just the top, and keep the legs?

or navy like this one? It has a cool grasscloth texture though....can I do that?

Or like this table I found on Etsy

I think I have a nautical thing in my head? I don't know why. 
I did covet this new bag we just got in from Splendid.....

It is a perfect size for the beach or just a fun summer purse.
I love the inside too!
How do I make a coffee table out of this?

Don't live near out store? Get it here then. We have it for
sale less than the Splendid site does! "Friend"
Next Door on Facebook and get another 10% off too!

I know you really truly care about what I do with the
flipp'n coffee table, so if when I paint it, I'll let you know.

On the social side of my life, we went out to a place
called Motor last night.  It dropped from 97 to  55
degrees in Milwaukee so taking the Harley was not
an option.
My husband has had a Harley since before he had me.
He's on his 3rd bike now. 
I'll give you more scoop on a real
Bike Night post.

Milwaukee is all about Harley Davidson, fairly sure I
don't have to inform any of you about that,
it's common knowledge. 
We went here last night.
Motor is located inside of the Harley Davidson Museum.


But, The Iron Horse is another place you might
find my husband and his friends on a
Thursday this summer.

I'll let you in on the fun when it warms up again...Summer is
so very short here so maybe next Thursday.



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