Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get to know the playas!!

 Many of you who read this blog have stopped into NextDoor. Yet there are those of you that either live far far away, or you do
live in the Milwaukee area yet have not ventured over to the 
corner of Capitol Drive and Brookfield Road. Not only do I post about my super exciting life, I also will share coupons and sales we are running at NextDoor. 
Whichever you read Chambers Street for,  I'm glad you are a
reader/browser of my blog. 

I would like to introduce you to the chicks that I have the pleasure of working with.
L to R (Amanda, Steph, Lexie, Ashley, Andrea, Renotta, Me, Vicky, Lynee, Sherry, Claire, Ellen)

 We all have our style unique to us, yet we blend together pretty seamlessly.  When we head to market for buying, we all choose fairly different styles which is great for our customers, which of course, vary in their own style!

Even though NextDoor has plenty of square feet to show off our extensive denim lines, it still has that small store feel.

I think the store has that vibe because we all get along so well and we truly enjoy seeing women that shop with us find just the right piece.  We have fun helping our customers choose stylish clothes that make them look and feel good. Not sure if it's okay to say, but we are not a commission-based store. We aren't pushy and our goal is to help find the best fit for you. Ok, enough with the blatant honesty about my time spent at NextDoor..... On with the playas!!
clockwise from the upper L:   
Lynee, another resident blogger is lovely! She has her hand in many things and she does them all so well. Check her blog, it's easier than me typing it ALL down. :)   

Renotta, Owner, Blogger, Knitting Queen, AJ's Grandma, Andrea's Mom, and Bob's favorite girl! Find more about Renotta HERE.  

LEXIE, one of our favorite teen bloggers, Granddaughter of Renotta, as well as being a natural at picking cute fashions!   

Andrea and AJ(baby boy), mommy of 1 and 1 more on the way, buyer, horse lover~Grandson, table climber, future Denim King.  

Amanda(with me, but you know enough about me), Marquette University gal, Blogger, photographer, Katy Perry look-alike, KISS.FM intern, my personal denim picker outer, Ashley's BFF, along with my daughters' favorite babysitter!  

Ashley, Proud aunt to Addison, Hard working gal for both her family business AND NextDoor, Amanda's BFF, and super stylish as well!  

Ellen, Another favorite blogger, check it out HERE,  DSHA student, our teen style watcher!

more pics of Lynee, Lexie, Ashley, Me and the denim king,

Then you have our everything gal,  
Stephanie. She can answer pretty much any question about the ins and outs of the store, 
she has a love for music and seeing local bands play, 
along with being known for her dry sense of humor! 

Next is Claire, love her! She and I work Fridays together (along with Steph and Amanda, our 4some has a great time!) Claire always has a fashionable outfit, pretty lipstick and has a happy and enviable marriage! She has plenty of good advice and always makes fun outfit choices for her customers.  

Vicky is next, we rarely get to work together :( but when we do, it's fun and easy. Vicky is married and has two little kids. I need to get to know her a bit more....

Sherry is our go-to-gal. She knows our inventory and incoming orders like the back of her hand. She knows denim like no other, she has fantastic hair, a great hubby and son!

(Sherry, Amanda, and Ellen)

Now, for some news. See this vehicle? You just might see me in it around town. If you do, stop me, say hi, grab a coupon for the store, and browse some denim that we'll have board!! More news on our mobile store soon!



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