Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's The Way Summer Should Be!

I have never been so happy to see green.
It is consistently warm and sunny here in the Midwest.....

My husband & I went out to lunch this week
and sat outside. It's about dang time!

We are fortunate enough to live in a community that has
a central village area with shops, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, parks, and a farmers market.

Just last week an amazing pool opened up here in Tosa. Memorial Day weekend was really fun...they hit capacity!

This cool photo is hanging in the club house....the Hoyt Pool has been a tradition for many years. The pool became run down and around 2003 it shut down. A group in Tosa raised over 8 million dollars to revamp and take back the pool. I love their slogan....It's The Way Summer Should Be!

via jsonline

via jsonline

 Even with a membership, there was a line. We went yesterday and it was busy but no wait.
Congratulation Friends of Hoyt Park & Pool.
It's a huge success!
via jsonline
 We have been there 3 times already. We have a pool at the tennis club/gym, but I am not sure we will get there very often anymore.  Although my friend Kim said to me yesterday, this Hoyt Pool is a little crazy to locate all your kiddos, where at the club pool we sit and chat all day without having to do too much....they even serve icy cold lime beer....hmmm? Choices!

Speaking of tying one one!
Check out the inventory of summer scarves we have at
Next Door!N

I have been MIA at the store lately....will be there tomorrow so stop on in. Let Sherry and Donna fit you for the most perfect pair of summer denim or grab a scarf for you
and a girlfriend.
For my guy readers, I know you know a girl that needs a gift certificate from us!

On a different note, thank you to The Wisconsin Heart Hospital for keeping my Dad's heart beating. It has been a crazy week for my family and we are glad to have my Dad still here. We celebrated my Grandpa's 92nd birthday yesterday and his son/my Dad was there to celebrate with us!


Brown8602 said...

Oh, I'm so jealous of this pool! Wish it was open while we were there...looks like a blast. We'll have to visit sometime this summer.

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