Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where the he** have I been?

When I decided without purpose to take a hiatus from writing I didn't think it would have been this long.  A week, maybe two turned into a month and then some.  
Well it's 2012 and I'm back~
Instead of a paragraph or two to catch up on the past month I'll do it faster with some pics. Here it goes!

Packer Game with a excellent group of friends.

On the "Lancaster Rock Star Bus" of course!

 Dr Sue Klein...the best DDS you'll visit! :)                                 

and me...the best Jenny you might visit. No?

Renotta had all of us NextDoor girls over to her beautiful home for a Holiday dinner.

Check out her studio! It is seriously ahhhmazing!
Learn more about Renotta's studio here

Ula made a delicious cake...Ula is Renotta's friend and wonderful housekeeper.

Getting my AJ fix.  AJ is Andrea's son and Renotta's grandson, aka, The Denim King. :)

The 2011-2012 Catholic School Basketball season has begun! We are pumped up...both Rachel and Ellie play...and play well. I am the asst. coach for Ellie's team, and way excited about the next two months worth of weekend games! 

Came across photos from last year on my computer. Thought I lost them when I needed a new hard 
glad to have not.

Vicky's sister Jenny's wedding was a great day.

 Vic and Laura, two of my favorite people. xoxo

Danni and I way back in show and a terribly blurry version of a photo of my past.

 Love this photo of Holly and I with our Dad. I am the chubby one on the left.

Nina filling time at basketball practice. She loves these fake glasses I got at a party....they look too cute on her.

 My nephew Jeff is in a band. They play lots of Greenday. Santa gave him some serious new drums for Christmas and I have to say he is really is the rest of his band!

So this Christmas my girls had an Elf on the Shelf. He toilet papered their room? Ridiculous. Read here for more well written information on this tradition. Really you must click on the link I have provided you, it is hilarious! Do it....

 Cousin Cookie baking day, huge mess. I am still finding sprinkles on the kitchen floor.

Jeff, my drummer nephew also is also my handyman. We put these bunk beds together in a half hour!

Kind of decided I like wine more this month as well. These are some new ones that were introduced to me, really tasty.

 Again, more hoops. It will be this way all winter....super fun!

Nina and our friend Karli at the mall. Spent a day after Christmas wandering and browsing.

The Reyes and Novak girls trying 
everything on at Abercrombie.

 More cookie decorating and the glasses! Was much less messy this time.

 Christmas Eve, fondue!

We went ice skating at The Petite Olympic Center on New Years Eve day. No pics of that, or I would have injured myself. Ice skating is not my best sport. The girls did well and we are going to try again this week.

Spent New Years Eve night with great friends. Tasty dinner and a few rounds of Wii Family Feud, 
I know I am a super party animal!
New Years Day was all about eating and sipping champagne while watching football with friends. The Packers had an outstanding game with Matt Flynn setting team records. 
I am sure you all know about it matter what, he's getting paid this off season!

Today I have a sicky home from school. The first day back after winter break of course. Oh well, we are watching movies and eating eggs and toast.  We'll start back to our 2012 tomorrow, work and school.  Apologies if this past month has had really nothing exciting to write home about.  I do prefer less than more at this moment, it makes life easy and good.

Three random quotes I saw this month that made me snap a photo. Take em' for what it's worth to you.

Happy New Year....I am glad to be back!


Anonymous said...

Jenny, great post! Your kids are darling.....look just like you! Happy 2012!

Pete said...

...and its great to have you back! You were missed but understandable, you deserved a well earned's hard work entertaining your fan club all the time!! ;o) we are a demanding bunch of 'jennyblogoholics'!!

Brown8602 said...

You came to Green Bay w/o calling? We were probably @ Lambeau tailgating as well! Love the post & glad you're all doing well. xoxo

Renotta Thompson RRT Designs said...

Glad to have you back blogger princess. Love having you in my life.

Blogger Queen

Danni said...

Nicely done, "Said the BFF."
1.Cute picture of you in the Packer hat.
2.I want to work at Next Door and have playdates with Renotta at her house.
3.You're a good Mom Jen. Your kids are lucky to have you.
4. Welcome back Blogger.

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