Sunday, January 30, 2011

A perfect weekend

When I last posted on Thursday who knew that it would be such a fantastic few days. I spent two nights with my family and our friends at Green Lake. The kids (and us grown ups) played non-stop...sleds pulled by snowmobiles, sledding, bonfires...super fun!

Drove home Saturday morning just in time for our daughter's basketball games. (note* My husband and I coach our 6th grader daughter's team, our 2nd year) Saturday was also my guys birthday, 43 years already, wow! I met him 18 years ago. We made a nice dinner hung out with the kiddos. The girls wrapped their Daddy's presents and made a b-day banner for the guy....he loves it I know it~Happy Birthday to my favorite fella!

Sunday morning the birthday boy took the day off work so I could hit the StyleMax Market in Chicago....What a blast! Renotta took us with her and we had an amazing time finding some of the best deals to pass to our shoppers. I cannot wait to see it all arrive. Sneak peaks tomorrow for sure. I am too cashed tonight from all the buying we did today.

My favorite stops were LA Made, 7 For All Mankind, BB Dakota, & Jack (BB's new line), Lilac, & Pouch, & Ryu. Those are only half of what we saw and conquered! Working with ladies like these sure can make life fun & satisfying. What a group of wonderful women! Renotta we need a redo on this photo, you not in it!! Thanks for a fantastic day! xo JR

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life long friendships

My new gig with Next Door has me blogging about an an old past time, pregnancy and mommyhood. Mind you, I can't just do that, it's just not me, it will have to be more. Being a Mom isn't just about the logistics of mothering, but the lifestyle it creates for our us. Since being a Mom I have bonded with other Mom's and have created life long friendships. I have traveled with these women and their families, drank numerous bottles of wine, talked about marriages (the good and the bad), compared stories about our children's bowels, sleep patterns, & grades, we have lost parents and birthed more babies since first meeting, we have endured cancers (in our husbands, children, and parents), and we have given support during divorces and subsequent marriages. Throughout all of these years we may have been similiar but all very unique. Our one common demoninator beside proximity is that we had children at the same time and this allowed us the opportunity to raise our children together. I love these women girls like sisters and they have become a part of my daily life. This is what I want to aim to blog about. Join me as I wrap my head around this part of my life.

I am heading out this afternoon with two of these wonderful gals and their families to Green lake, WI. Only an hour and a half from Milwaukee, be back Saturday. All of our kids have off of school Friday so it's short lake date with skating, bonfires, snow mobiles, & sledding. 6 adults, 11 kids, 1 large tray of peanut butter and chocolate Special K bars, 1 box Sam's Club sized rainbow goldfish, steaks, tater tots, taco dip, 1 bottle of Kettle One, 2 bottles of red wine, 12 pk Leinenkugel, and 3 gallons of apple juice. I WILL take photos! ~Jennifer

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Muze + Paige Denim

Maternity clothes, right up my alley. Just kidd'n, this womb is closed. I think it's fun to check out the newest maternity fashions when you won't be needing to wear it! I really did love being pregnant and even though my options were limited to Gap, Pea in the Pod, Macy's, Motherhood and Old Navy I still found plenty to wear. This blog is going to keep an eye on everyday maternity fashions and some that are more high end. Don't stop reading here....I do have more to add for your reading enjoyment. Ha ha! Now if I were a pregnant gal and was out running errands on a nice Spring day I might find this to be fun... This T is made by Muze and the denim is by Paige. Find all these fun items at Next Door in the Sendik's Shopping Plaza on Capitol Drive, Brookfield.

Michael Stars top and Paige maternity denim (all found at

Now don't go getting knocked up just to wear this stuff, they do make it all in REGULAR aka Non-Pregnant versions. ~JR

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maternity wear sure ain't what it used to be.

So, where was Michael Stars when I had my kids? Mind you it was 1999, 2001, and 2005, not that long ago. These tees would have been numero uno in my baby belly wardrobe.

Here are some other colors in his line. Perfect for under sweaters or just alone with a pair of these J Brand maternity beauties....

My husband is laughing from the other room because he can't believe I am talking about maternity clothes. Let me just say, I really think being pregnant was the most amazing time of my life. The Pea in The Pod, Motherhood, Gap Maternity and the maternity section at Macy's and Nordstrom is really all we had (back then).  I swear my maternity Gap Long and Lean have been passed to atleast 5 women. They are like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Pants. They fit everyone, that is until my 5'5" sister took it upon herself to cut them to fit her short stature.  When they got to my girlfriend Danni they were only available for capri wear. :(  Oh well, an end of an era.  Check out to find all the maternity wear you'll need. They even have Belly Bands, another amazing invention post my child birthing years! ~ Post 1, complete! :) ~Jennifer

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