Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's all good.....

You may not believe me, but it's the truth.  A few weeks ago I was trolling Pinterest and saved these "favorite thing" images.  There were over 200 things that were printed....I saved the ones that resonated to me.  I cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye that the ones I saved have actually happened since then, Who knew that the universe was on my side?  Here they are in no particular order.
It only takes a moment, but it lasts all day. Buenos Dias!
I know, huge shocker, I buy and sell denim for a living, so maybe this one isn't hard to believe. The new Citizens for Humanity Racer Straight Leg is not to be missed. See me in May...ok I admit, not the most interesting one to start with.

When someone misses you....If I have to explain why that feels good then stop reading. Half kidding.....

Good Lord, sometimes sh*t can take me a bit to understand, but when it sinks out!

My girls are such hand holders. It never gets old with the 3 chicks....I love that they still hold hands with me, even in PUBLIC!!  I love it. As a pre school teacher this is an excellent feeling. Some of my little people hug, kiss, hold hands, and tell me "I yuv you Ms. Reyes."  My class this year really is something else. They are all lovers...the are sweet, kind, cuddlers, and yet crazy precocious. I am not going to be a teacher after all these years. My last day is mid April. I am extremely excited about my new position with NextDoor, but it was not without a heavy heart leaving my students. More on that in a week or so.

Ok, so it's not Oscar nominated...but geez it has my vote for ab work out laughing!! Change Up is the name of this flick. We watched this Sunday night and I want to see it again!

Sunday night cozy blanket right out of the dryer. Need I say more. Nope.

It has happened more times than I know. Big :)!

5 Green and Speckled Frogs.....remember? I teach 3 year is a catchy judging.  The other one that my girls and I sing loudly (and also dance via Wii Just Dance) is Brittany Spears, Baby One More Time. I have mastered the words (and the moves). Always enjoy it being sung acoustically as well....not sure if there is anything better actually, wonder if I'll get a chance to hear that again. :( One more thing.....I know this song by heart.....think it's pretty much my all time favorite.  Jump'n Jesus holy cow....He actually sings that and I love it!                                

Any morning this smell will do...especially with my new Keurig machine. That wonderful little invention along with bonus that I live a block from Alterra. I love their "Bullfrog" which is a mint and mocha coffee. Is it 6 am yet??

This goes for any gender. I hold the door open for my children, my friends...male and female.  It goes to say using our manners shows we care for people. Alright, that came from some PBS kids show from when my girls were really little, but it holds true always. Manners are damn important and nothing says it more than catching the door for someone.

I have been boxing, running, doing some all feels good. It helps with my first good feeling, Jeans fitting  perfectly. 

Always nice, no matter what anyone says.

How the hell do those little pieces of paper find just the right person??? This was mine..... 

Yep, it was from January, but it really was in MY cookie. 

One last note...had a wonderful dinner at Crazy Water with good friends on Friday night. I even had a date! He is sitting right in the little to go box....he's a bacon wrapped "date." Damn, he was good the next morning! 
                       Here is to your good fortune. -JR

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