Saturday, January 14, 2012


That's right, my life is super glamorous. I wear pink heels to school pick up.  I have a fluffly little pup that smells like gardenias.  My very expensive sunglasses are always clean and scratch free. My bag is always tidy and always matches my unscuffed shoes.  I always fly first class and never have more than one libation in flight as to not dry my skin. 

Yeah, well maybe not all of that is true, ok really none of it. But it was fun to type. Heading to LA tomorrow...I'll let you in on the goods we find and you can bum rush me at the store in a week or so.




Renotta Thompson RRT Designs said...

That's exactly how I looked as I boarded the plane for Scottsdale. See you in LA.

Lyneé Ruiz said...

Haha adorable!! :) I love the photo. Renotta, I bet you looked better, and I'm NOT joking.

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