Monday, February 28, 2011

And the winner is...


DVR set to record Oscars for watching film later in the night ~ check
Take out sushi from my favorite sushi spot ~ check
My two oldest girlies perched next to me ~ check
My youngest kiddo playing Barbies in the other room ~ check
Husband off playing basketball ~ check

Fantastic, Amazing, Out of this world dresses ~ Nope

I was so unimpressed by this years show, at least the fashion element.
The gowns did not steal the show.

Franco & Hathaway started out strong then, Franco seemed cocky and Hathaway was so dang bubbly. Her singing was really very good, I was surprised that she can sing so well.

James seems like a huge Pudd! Ann's job was to be fun and spunky, so Ann, job well done.

Who am I to say though, it must be tough to get up there and entertain the masses.

Miss Hathaway looked stunning is this Vintage Valentino


My favorites of the night are:

Mila Kunis wearing a romantic lavender dress from Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2011 Collection. It was so classy sexy! I Loved the lace at the chest, kind of like pasties? Still sticking with the classy sexy mood. Ha!


Natalie Portman not only won the Oscar, she rocked the red carpet. Her eggplant colored Rodarte gown truly flattered her pregnant curves. I did not look at her and think "pregnant." A++

I love to see a young actress wear a gown that allows her to look her age.

Hailee Steinfeld looks amazing in her pretty soft pink Marchese dress.

Her updo was stunning.

Hailee attended Vanity Fair party in her Chuck Taylors. My girls loved her Chucks!


Check out one of my favorite blogs here ~ Erin gives a fantastic post on all the dresses.

A big frown from me goes to Michelle Leo for throwing out an F Bomb. C'mon, just because your character lacked class does not mean you have to do the same. Yes, I do drop an F bomb once in awhile, but NOT while accepting an Oscar at The Kodak Theatre in front of my peers.

I was about to sign out for tonight and my husband flipped the station to E, and what did I see. Mirrors, plenty of them. If you were out with Heidi last night there was no need for a quick jaunt to the ladies room. You could check it all right there on her dress.
Hmmm, Heidi. I think no, thumbs down.

I really like Mrs. Klum.

Auf Wiedersehen.....

and if you don't watch Project Runway...
Auf German for Good Bye ~JR

Friday, February 25, 2011

Oscar is only 2 days away

Get your pumps on

That's right, 2 days until the film industry heads out to see who is the best of the best.

The actresses stopped eating a few days ago, their stylists are starting to come down from the freak outs they have had (they won't breathe until after Monday when they know if their client is on the best or worst dressed list.) & the ballots are closed.

Speaking of the ballots have you seen the new envelopes?

Oscar organizers tapped L.A. invite designer Marc Friedland — apparently the "stationer to the stars" — to customize an envelope and winners' card that looks every bit as glitzed-up as the Oscars themselves.

Head here to pick your winners.

Black Swan is going to drop the bomb on most films, just my opinion.
I did not see it, too intense for me.
I would love to see Natalie Portman win. Geoffrey Rush may push past Christian Bale & Inception, though slightly confusing, I think is going to take Mr. Oscar home.

If I were to attend this shin dig I would have to decide
which Jason Wu gown to wear.

It's between this

And this

Get your popcorn & junior mints ready.

See you Monday to discuss

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm a Trooper

It's been a long week. Photos can speak a thousand words.

Enjoy a few peaks at appealing bar carts. Yum...

(wow...I really like this one)

(you can take a shelving unit and put it to good use. Who knew...

Not a huge whiner, but a bit over this week. Love working at the store, it's the highlight of my week, second to hanging out with my 3 chickas watching American idol. They are ready and waiting for me to catch up on tonight's episode.

No school for the kiddos tomorrow, yippee! They love to sleep in.
Today is almost over, I made it. I am a trooper.


images via styleredux & designsponge

Ryu the day

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new Ryu flowers!! They come in 3 colors and they arrived today!

Don't Ryu the day on these beauties. Get yours before they are gone.

I always think that adding just one more element to an outfit makes things more interesting. These new flowers from Ryu can clip or pin to your tank, skirt, jacket, and in your hair. I love the muted colors that Michael Stars, BB Dakota, & Hazel are offering this season.

I love this grouping...they are some of my favorite new arrivals from yesterday. Ryu, Rock & Republic, & Hazel (a truly unique line that I love) Stop on by and check it all out.

I am trying to collage photos together so you can see more. What do you think? Yay or Nay? Let me know your thoughts... ~JR

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Houston We Have A Purple

My sister Holly is 18 months older than me. People usually think I am older since I am taller. I used to like that people thought I was the older one (like in High School) but now it sucks. Growing up my Uncle Teddy used to call us Jolly & Henny...still makes me smile.
Me on the left ~ Holly on right

This picture doesn't show our height difference
since I don't have shoes on and she is wearing boots.

Our family went over for dinner last night (It is so great to have a sister, especially one that lives so close. I had worked yesterday and said to her "What are you having for dinner, can we come?" That's how it works for's totally reciprocal. Our kids know the drill at each of our houses) Back to dinner now, this is how I was greeted.(the pic really does not look like the actually color...but it is a great color, it is really like the pic below,

All excited about her trip to Vegas this weekend and wearing an OPI color
Houston We Have A Purple

Holly is very creative. She does things like this.

Decoupaging a switch plate

Stenciling her entire living room with this intricate pattern. It took her a few weeks!

Framing this card she bought when we went out of town together

Lining her cabinets in fun wallpaper, for real?

Now I failed to mention that she has 5 kids...all boys. Ages 3, 6, 8, 10, & 13. There have been diapers in the house for 13 years. She is a really great Mom.

Her favorite blogs are
Big shocker, right?
Holly introduced me to this blog...I follow it daily now. For God sake check it out. She has a great birth story you must read. The story includes an ottoman, a casserole dish, and a husband racing home! Click here to read this amazing story

Gosh, not be be corny but, I love my sister. She was wearing nail polish then and still is today. Life is better with a sister. Life is more fun with a sister. I am thankful everyday for my sister. ~JR

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bieber Fever?

My name is Jennifer and I am a Justin Bieber fan.

Don't judge me...I am not sure how this happened. Is it his mellow yet raspy voice, the stage presence he evokes, or the purple high tops and white jeans he wears? I am not the 14 year old girl crush fan, but the type that now wishes I knew how to dance and I am humming his songs while making dinner for my family tonight.

My sister forced asked me and the girlies to the movies today. I laughed when she said her and her boys were going to see Justin Bieber Never Say Never. Well I have been proven wrong. Justin is a talented young fella with a voice, the moves, serious piano & drum skills, a family that loves and supports him, and is surrounded by a group of people that seem to have a true interest in seeing him succeed.

Critics agree, check it out

Part biopic, part concert film and all crowd pleaser, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is a big, glossy celebration of the musical phenom that knows exactly what it needs to do to send its target audience of 'tween girls into a tizzy of giddy screams.
Christy Lemire
Associated Press

Bieber's unquestionably gifted, and if he's smart enough to listen to the grounded, talented folk around him, there's every reason to hope that he'll turn out to be just fine when he grows up.
Tom Charity

His song with Usher Somebody to Love is really a great tune.
Click here to watch the video

(I said tune, yep I sure did)

His favorite color is purple

His birthday is March 1, 1994

But seriously, he is talented, ambitious and can rock the stage with Usher, Sean Kingston, and the really quite cute Jaden Smith. He is the first pop star to be born out of social media. Here's hoping the "machine" does not chew him up and spit him out. ~JR

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Arrives at Next Door in the form of Brown (UPS that is)

It is so true, Spring shows up around 11am daily when the UPS brown truck delivers wonderful boxes full of the lastest Spring styles.

Sherry opens the boxes and steams everything so it flows beautifully on the light maple wooden hangers that grace our racks.

This is our first arrival from the uber anticipated line we discovered at the spring Market. We are the only store in South Eastern WI to sell ~Ya~Los Angeles
(More tops and dresses will be here soon!)

Michael + Jack ='s Fantastic Spring Outfit!

Shine Tank ~ Michael Stars
Pleated Navy & Bone Skirt ~ Jack by BB Dakota
Silver double necklace (new to the store, many different colors to choose from!)

I picked up a pair of J Brand Bailey jeans yesterday and White Miss Me's....Love!

J Brand bailey in Mayflower
Miss Me Irene Boot Cut (Note* 3 pair left, my sister and I both bought a pair yesterday)

My daughter is making a huge mess behind me....homemade pancakes! Got to go. have a fantastic Saturday! ~JR

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Use your coin wisely

I have a long black down coat I bought when I was pregnant with my soon to be 6 year old Nina. It was only $30, not Maternity, and on clearance at Old Navy. I thought it would work for the winter months since I was due in late March. Well, I still wear the darn thing. I think I ruined it though on our trip to Green Lake in January. I sat by the fire outside on these log cut chairs, the sap can still be seen after I washed it. Oh well, 6 years, $30? I think it was well used.

Buying items that are not maternity is a good idea. I only bought up one size up on the coat. It seems that now clothing runs longer and most tops cover your belly during pregnancy. Pants of course are a whole other animal. Thank goodness for Paige, J Brand, & Maternal America skirts/dresses....your lower half will be fine. Invest in a few pants and skirts and the 40 weeks will soar by. (Ok, maybe not soar, but you'll look good and feel good)

I could not get Danni in this week, so our own Donna and Ashley at the store picked up my Canon Rebel and shot a few of me and my BUMP. Thanks girls!

Miss Me Angel Tee fits really long, love the wings! It is super soft cotton and has a v-neck with tiny crystals lining the V-neck.

Splendid does it right! Navy and grey work so well together on this Tee.
I love this top...the ruched sides are so flattering. This is on my purchase list for Spring.

Miss Me brings Spring with this Butterfly flowing Tank...check out the back!!!!



I picked out some of my favorite tops at Next Door. All non-maternity and they all worked wth the Bump. I was kind of surprised, but it goes to show, go with what you like and make it work.

Mally & Millie make this lovely top. It flows so nicely...I love this type of top, so forgiving and pretty.

Splendid once again....this line of clothing is so me. Both pieces are NON-maternity. I know it is a bit casual when I put it like this, but the creamy cardigan can be dressed up so easily. The Ellie Collection shows up again. (I love this piece, especially with the washed red top) This is something I would wear anytime!

Miss Me, a simple, yet so fantastic Tank. This is such a pretty must stop in to see how it fits. Like the Butterfly top, this is really a Spring favorite.

I paired this with denim by J Brand Maternity and a bracelet from our own Renotta. Her jewelry line can be found at our store and the MAM. (Milwaukee Art Museum gift shop is amazing so these fit right in)

Have a great day. Stop into Next Door and see our new arrivals, arriving almost daily! ~JR

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