Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nothing like a cowboy.....

I have always have been a fan of cowboys. Not the football team but the actual rugged, strong, and hardworking kind.

*Warning! If you easily offend from handsome fellas look away from your computer.....

One more for good measure...

Oh, how did this get in here?  Not a cowboy, but dang......Jude looks rugged and soft to me. Man!!

It's my love for rugged yet soft that has me loving these.
Cowboys Bags have been on my mind for months. It took some convincing, but I finally convinced my boss we had to have these in the store. Cowboys Bags and Cowboys Belts are made in Amsterdam. They are made of washed leather...they actually wash the leather in a washing machine to get it to be worn and rustic.

They also do belts...we picked these for the store.

They are heading into high fashion..check it.

Watch what "they" are saying about this line....It's Scott Starbuck from City Soles. He gives a nice brand overview and talks about how limited their distribution
of these bags are in the US.
Stop into Next Door and check them are going to want to touch them and make one yours...just like a cowboy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Covet the cool air....

We reside in the Midwest at Next Door.
We can't get enough of the warm Spring and Summer days, yet at the same time we covet the Fall. The crisp air that drives us to pull out those enveloping sweaters we love so much.  When the cool breeze of an early October afternoon pulls you to throw on your favorite boots along with a supple and cozy knit cardigan. Mmmmm, it makes me think of pumpkin patches and apple picking..... Sorry to romanticize the weather here considering I'll want t0 stick my head in oven come January. I know I will have to hit the lower hemisphere to reboot myself to this
happiness level I somehow have today,
 possibly Mexico? ;)

But for real, stop by the store.
We have some of the most amazing sweaters, cardigans, vests, and ponchos waiting for you. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's Under Yours?

Shoes sort of rule. Boots, flats, pumps, sandals, strappy, sneakers, flip flops, and don't forget the slipper.
You can put on the most kick a$$ outfit but without the right failure.
Okay, maybe not that dramatic. 
Playing sports is another time that shoes make a difference. Sure performance is a nice touch, but looking good while playing your game helps too.  Golfers love to look fly when they hit the links......
Check out what I found.
 Arriving at your local country club this year.....

 This new, upcoming product is coming to market SOON! Original Kiltees are currently in production and all of our unique and fun designs will be ready for purchase. Be sure to stayed tuned for the many new and exciting designs currently in the works. 

What do your Kiltees say about you?

Ms. Sporty
18 holes then chill'n with the ladies at the clubhouse.

Mr. Player
I'm 6'10" and I play for the NBA

Mrs. Prepared
Lunch after 9 holes.

Mrs. Chill
I don't take my game too seriously, but shoot, I look good.

 Kiltees can also be custom made with a team logo or for a good cause. The ribbon and Kiltee color can be made for your home team as well. Amy from Kiltees let me know that they were making Kiltees for the
Marquette University Golf team. Sweet!

A few more styles to check out....

Get out and enjoy some fall ball...the weather
is perfect for 18 holes.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am in love.....

I knew that title would pull you in. lmao!
Just a short little post to tell you how I feel.
I love this coffee.
I wake up everyday and know that my coffee 
tastes just like the smell of coffee. Does that make sense? It does to me, hope you can try some and see what I mean.

I received 2 lovely cans of this fantastic drug as a housewarming gift from a favorite friend of mine. This morning I brewed a pot before heading off for a run....I ran with gusto knowing it was waiting for me at home.
Love is beautiful especially when it comes in the form of a smooth and delicious drink.

Next up...
(*note*photos are of horrible quality today, but you get the point.)
My girlies started school this week. Love these 3 xo xo xo

Look what just arrived. I want this...
Jack Jacket!
Buy it here

Last, but certainly not least...

Happy Birthday Danielle Rochelle!
May 39 be a great year for you and your family. xo
Up is the only place to go.


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