Thursday, January 26, 2012

So Cal, So Good

 CMC Apparel Market in Los Angeles is quite something.  We found many lines that can only be found on the west coast. 
10 floors in one building + dozens more in the 
other 2 buildings = serious fun finds! We added three lines of handbags along with new knits, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, gorgeous scarves, and the latest spring denim from DL1961! I have to say the DL1961 is what made 
me most washes and fits!   
All are heading to our store this week 
and the weeks to come.   
Shop at our website to see some of what's in today!

All this buying makes a girl hungry. A hot dog wrapped with bacon topped with pico de gallo with a grilled jalapeno.... chased with an icy diet coke. This snack will keep a group of buying gals going for the day!

 That is until dinner......

Bottega Louie in downtown LA is a busy restaurant, gourmet market, patisserie, and bar. 
The macaroons and desserts were amazing. The breakfast, dinner, cocktails, and freshly squeezed juices were also something to write home about. We had some amazing food  each time we stopped in. 

Heading to LA? Check them out on Facebook  
and see what to order when you get there.

The design is simple yet beautiful.

The open kitchen was my favorite part of the whole place.

Well that is until they brought the bread to the table. It was not only pretty, but warm and delicious. Didn't know Los Angeleons ate bread..carbs?

 The macaroons melted in my mouth. Patrice was not the biggest fan so I ate hers.

We could have had these brussel sprouts with pistachios for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Ridiculously good!

 Found this photo on a foodie blog......key lime macaroon with berries which Bottega Louie's is known for!


Not to mention the portobello fries, I think I am going to try to make these at home.....Sorry for the really out of order blog from food to dessert then back to food....
I am flustered by the goodness here.
This place is my new favorite. Wonder if they ship?

Taylor Lautner even frequents this joint. This pic was for my girls, they dig him!

Is it funny that I traveled for fashion purposes and then eat like there are no sizes in clothing! Ha!

Met a funny guy while out on our last night in LA.
I mean funny literally, he is a comedian. 
We were at the Roger Room on La Cienega Boulevard
in West Hollywood.  I know the whole stranger-danger's not like we accepted drinks from anyone. He gave us tickets to his show, which of course we were back in the 414 by then....but still, meeting new, funny, and non-serial killer people is how I like to roll. Either way, I have a new Facebook pal. Find him here and maybe he'll be your "friend" too.  Your welcome you'll have more fans!

LA was fun, even the work part of it.  Choosing new and stylish lines for the store really can't be called is challenging, inspiring, and sometimes just plain fun. 




Danni said...

Great Photos J! Seriously think I should have been with you kids? Hmm, next time.

Pete said...

..and you get paid to do this Jen, must be really difficult!! Looks like you had a whizzo time, thanks for sharing your stories. As always, a great read ;o)

Renotta Thompson RRT Designs said...

It was a blast! Loved the whole trip. What about the Biltmore? The Beatles were there in 1964 and had to take off from the roof in a helicopter to escape the crowds. Can't wait to go back. Thanks to you and Patrice.

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