Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bieber Fever?

My name is Jennifer and I am a Justin Bieber fan.

Don't judge me...I am not sure how this happened. Is it his mellow yet raspy voice, the stage presence he evokes, or the purple high tops and white jeans he wears? I am not the 14 year old girl crush fan, but the type that now wishes I knew how to dance and I am humming his songs while making dinner for my family tonight.

My sister forced asked me and the girlies to the movies today. I laughed when she said her and her boys were going to see Justin Bieber Never Say Never. Well I have been proven wrong. Justin is a talented young fella with a voice, the moves, serious piano & drum skills, a family that loves and supports him, and is surrounded by a group of people that seem to have a true interest in seeing him succeed.

Critics agree, check it out

Part biopic, part concert film and all crowd pleaser, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is a big, glossy celebration of the musical phenom that knows exactly what it needs to do to send its target audience of 'tween girls into a tizzy of giddy screams.
Christy Lemire
Associated Press

Bieber's unquestionably gifted, and if he's smart enough to listen to the grounded, talented folk around him, there's every reason to hope that he'll turn out to be just fine when he grows up.
Tom Charity

His song with Usher Somebody to Love is really a great tune.
Click here to watch the video

(I said tune, yep I sure did)

His favorite color is purple

His birthday is March 1, 1994

But seriously, he is talented, ambitious and can rock the stage with Usher, Sean Kingston, and the really quite cute Jaden Smith. He is the first pop star to be born out of social media. Here's hoping the "machine" does not chew him up and spit him out. ~JR


Naomi said...

I am a Belieber as well. I'm going to be in NY next weekend and am considering seeing Never Say Never by myself. Yup, anonymously!

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