Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Houston We Have A Purple

My sister Holly is 18 months older than me. People usually think I am older since I am taller. I used to like that people thought I was the older one (like in High School) but now it sucks. Growing up my Uncle Teddy used to call us Jolly & Henny...still makes me smile.
Me on the left ~ Holly on right

This picture doesn't show our height difference
since I don't have shoes on and she is wearing boots.

Our family went over for dinner last night (It is so great to have a sister, especially one that lives so close. I had worked yesterday and said to her "What are you having for dinner, can we come?" That's how it works for's totally reciprocal. Our kids know the drill at each of our houses) Back to dinner now, this is how I was greeted.(the pic really does not look like the actually color...but it is a great color, it is really like the pic below,

All excited about her trip to Vegas this weekend and wearing an OPI color
Houston We Have A Purple

Holly is very creative. She does things like this.

Decoupaging a switch plate

Stenciling her entire living room with this intricate pattern. It took her a few weeks!

Framing this card she bought when we went out of town together

Lining her cabinets in fun wallpaper, for real?

Now I failed to mention that she has 5 kids...all boys. Ages 3, 6, 8, 10, & 13. There have been diapers in the house for 13 years. She is a really great Mom.

Her favorite blogs are
Big shocker, right?
Holly introduced me to this blog...I follow it daily now. For God sake check it out. She has a great birth story you must read. The story includes an ottoman, a casserole dish, and a husband racing home! Click here to read this amazing story

Gosh, not be be corny but, I love my sister. She was wearing nail polish then and still is today. Life is better with a sister. Life is more fun with a sister. I am thankful everyday for my sister. ~JR


holly said...

Wow. Me too.

Brown8602 said...

This is just too cute! I miss you both so much. H-have fun in Vegas!!! xoxo

Alie said...

AAAAAHHHHH I love this post!!! Also, it is so weird because
1. My sister is three years younger and everyone always thinks I'm younger because of our height difference and my general silliness (but just the other day someone guessed she was older and she said 'I'm getting to the age that I don't really like that! you think SHE looks younger than me!!?) :) And also,
2. Yesterday she called me and said "What are you having for dinner? Can we come over?" and they DID!

jennifer said...

I love this! And that picture is so darn cute. Miss u Jen! (And I love jolly and Henny!)

Jennifer of said...

Thanks for the posts girlies! Sara & Jenn, miss you too! Alie, weird about the sister thing...glad to know it's a universal behavior, to invite oneself over for dinner. :) Holly,glad to know were on the same page. ha ha xo

Vicky said...

Jen - this is really great. I love your mushy mushy self. xxoxoxxo Vic

bridget said...
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bridget said...

jen, this touches my heart ... you know how I feel about my E :) I've often said she's like my right arm!

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