Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Use your coin wisely

I have a long black down coat I bought when I was pregnant with my soon to be 6 year old Nina. It was only $30, not Maternity, and on clearance at Old Navy. I thought it would work for the winter months since I was due in late March. Well, I still wear the darn thing. I think I ruined it though on our trip to Green Lake in January. I sat by the fire outside on these log cut chairs, the sap can still be seen after I washed it. Oh well, 6 years, $30? I think it was well used.

Buying items that are not maternity is a good idea. I only bought up one size up on the coat. It seems that now clothing runs longer and most tops cover your belly during pregnancy. Pants of course are a whole other animal. Thank goodness for Paige, J Brand, & Maternal America skirts/dresses....your lower half will be fine. Invest in a few pants and skirts and the 40 weeks will soar by. (Ok, maybe not soar, but you'll look good and feel good)

I could not get Danni in this week, so our own Donna and Ashley at the store picked up my Canon Rebel and shot a few of me and my BUMP. Thanks girls!

Miss Me Angel Tee fits really long, love the wings! It is super soft cotton and has a v-neck with tiny crystals lining the V-neck.

Splendid does it right! Navy and grey work so well together on this Tee.
I love this top...the ruched sides are so flattering. This is on my purchase list for Spring.

Miss Me brings Spring with this Butterfly flowing Tank...check out the back!!!!



I picked out some of my favorite tops at Next Door. All non-maternity and they all worked wth the Bump. I was kind of surprised, but it goes to show, go with what you like and make it work.

Mally & Millie make this lovely top. It flows so nicely...I love this type of top, so forgiving and pretty.

Splendid once again....this line of clothing is so me. Both pieces are NON-maternity. I know it is a bit casual when I put it like this, but the creamy cardigan can be dressed up so easily. The Ellie Collection shows up again. (I love this piece, especially with the washed red top) This is something I would wear anytime!

Miss Me, a simple, yet so fantastic Tank. This is such a pretty must stop in to see how it fits. Like the Butterfly top, this is really a Spring favorite.

I paired this with denim by J Brand Maternity and a bracelet from our own Renotta. Her jewelry line can be found at our store and the MAM. (Milwaukee Art Museum gift shop is amazing so these fit right in)

Have a great day. Stop into Next Door and see our new arrivals, arriving almost daily! ~JR


Danni said...

You did a real nice job pretty to read too! Cute stuff, wish I was pregnant again so I could wear some cute stuff....WAIT!!!! HUH? Yeah, I'll just stop in for more of their cute non-maternity. That's what I'm talking about...xoxo

Alie said...

I would love to be pregnant again and wear all those cute maternity clothes. But then I'd want to hand the newborn off to someone else until he/she is five! :) Ha ha!

Julie said...

I convinced myself that I was only going to get "oversized" shirts for my pregnancy. I couldn't imagine being so huge that something empire wouldn't fit over my stomach.

Um, no. I had to buy ugly maternity, cheap stuff two months ago because I was REALLY THAT EFFING HUGE! Huger than I ever thought possible! And by that point, I didn't want to spend hundreds on a wardrobe I'd only wear for a month and a half. Yikes. Cute stuff you picked out!

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