Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm a Trooper

It's been a long week. Photos can speak a thousand words.

Enjoy a few peaks at appealing bar carts. Yum...

(wow...I really like this one)

(you can take a shelving unit and put it to good use. Who knew...

Not a huge whiner, but a bit over this week. Love working at the store, it's the highlight of my week, second to hanging out with my 3 chickas watching American idol. They are ready and waiting for me to catch up on tonight's episode.

No school for the kiddos tomorrow, yippee! They love to sleep in.
Today is almost over, I made it. I am a trooper.


images via styleredux & designsponge


Kat said...

Bahahaha! Love the stormtrooper reference. Those bar carts look refreshing. I'll have a shirley temple please... and a cosmo too!

HannahJ said...

My name is HannahJ- I found you through Elements of Style- I'm your newest follower- I look forward to seeing what you have to share!

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