Monday, February 28, 2011

And the winner is...


DVR set to record Oscars for watching film later in the night ~ check
Take out sushi from my favorite sushi spot ~ check
My two oldest girlies perched next to me ~ check
My youngest kiddo playing Barbies in the other room ~ check
Husband off playing basketball ~ check

Fantastic, Amazing, Out of this world dresses ~ Nope

I was so unimpressed by this years show, at least the fashion element.
The gowns did not steal the show.

Franco & Hathaway started out strong then, Franco seemed cocky and Hathaway was so dang bubbly. Her singing was really very good, I was surprised that she can sing so well.

James seems like a huge Pudd! Ann's job was to be fun and spunky, so Ann, job well done.

Who am I to say though, it must be tough to get up there and entertain the masses.

Miss Hathaway looked stunning is this Vintage Valentino


My favorites of the night are:

Mila Kunis wearing a romantic lavender dress from Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2011 Collection. It was so classy sexy! I Loved the lace at the chest, kind of like pasties? Still sticking with the classy sexy mood. Ha!


Natalie Portman not only won the Oscar, she rocked the red carpet. Her eggplant colored Rodarte gown truly flattered her pregnant curves. I did not look at her and think "pregnant." A++

I love to see a young actress wear a gown that allows her to look her age.

Hailee Steinfeld looks amazing in her pretty soft pink Marchese dress.

Her updo was stunning.

Hailee attended Vanity Fair party in her Chuck Taylors. My girls loved her Chucks!


Check out one of my favorite blogs here ~ Erin gives a fantastic post on all the dresses.

A big frown from me goes to Michelle Leo for throwing out an F Bomb. C'mon, just because your character lacked class does not mean you have to do the same. Yes, I do drop an F bomb once in awhile, but NOT while accepting an Oscar at The Kodak Theatre in front of my peers.

I was about to sign out for tonight and my husband flipped the station to E, and what did I see. Mirrors, plenty of them. If you were out with Heidi last night there was no need for a quick jaunt to the ladies room. You could check it all right there on her dress.
Hmmm, Heidi. I think no, thumbs down.

I really like Mrs. Klum.

Auf Wiedersehen.....

and if you don't watch Project Runway...
Auf German for Good Bye ~JR


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