Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'll hold my breath when I take your hand....

As I write this blog I can hear my girls talking in the other room as they watch a few minutes of The Titanic before they go to bed. Rachel is telling Ellie and Nina that "The ship hasn't sunk yet, but it's on it's way."  Ellie wants to know why the people aren't trying to get off the ship. Rachel says, "They think they'll be fine...just wait though."  Ellie said, "Yeah, but some of them make it and they turn out just fine."  

The three of them are tough to parent sometimes. 
Other times they make my day.  
My three chicks a few years ago...Taking each others hands as they head to their gate for vacation. . :)
Today they were good to their little "cousins." (My friend Kori and I have been friends forever so we say they are cousins) Playing hide and seek and carrying them all over their house.  This was all after they fought like crazy over who sits where in the car and who touched who where....
I love these chicks and they are everything to me.  
They agree on one thing as of late. 
Music. They love #6 on a special mix cd I have in the car.  

I think it's our new theme song for this past year and into has serious meaning to me considering my 12 year old actually holds my hand in the car when this song is on....
and they all belt out the lyrics.  Yeah, were going to make it work, and were going to make it last. ;)

Quiet Company is a band from Austin, TX.  A talented musician I know introduced them to me. 

The Reyes girls are their newest fans.  Like Ellie said about some of the Titanic survivors, we totally are going 
to make it...and we'll turn out just fine.

So listen in!




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