Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No where to go but up.

Good things are abundant....
Sort of like when it rains it pours. It happens with the good and the bad....I'll take the good any day.  

Taking this "on the up and up" to heart,
I bought this necklace.

No where to go but up.

This rainbow came out on a crumby day.....
I knew all would be okay, I am glad I have faith like that.

This sounds wonderful on the guitar..... :)

On the more shallow side.....
Lynee at Follow That Girl let me know that my favorite denim found it's way to the top of the "fit list." Love these jeans....I think I have a few fans of these jeans as well. ;)

(Here they are in a better pic.)

Coffee/Hot Cocoa with Ginger Date Scones
at Alterra with my Ellie. :)

Actually, all 3 of my chicks are good any day.....

The Mainella Family cooking day was a highlight this month......we made delicious recipes from our Grandmother. It was a good day.

25 lbs of Italian Sausage for our meatballs...For real!!

Some of the necessary goods.

Grateful for Saturday morning. (and afternoon)
 Thoroughly enjoyed running by myself and seeing this....

all while running to this....

AND this as well...I know so opposite,
but it's my music, back off. ;)

No judgement....I grew up on the southside.

That's all for's hoping for more good ahead.


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