Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dark & Twisty

Last night my friends and I mixed our menus, had dinner, a bonfire and a night of trick-or-treating.
All of us have kids, jobs, and an overall hectic pace in life.  It took us all some time come down from the day.....feed our kids....have a beer.....and Relax.
(yes, I know I have trouble with that...I know which
one of you readers thinks that the most.) ;)

Super quick recap of the day/night.

Started with helping out in Nina's class....her best buddy Charlie was an old man...

This fire was perfect...although looking at the logs I took this shot before it was beefed up! (Thanks Heather and Bob!)

Have you ever tried this? S'mores with candy replacing the Hershey bar.....fanflippingtastic!

2 of my best pals...they will kill me for even putting these up so they will remain anonymous.....Dark & Twisty is on the left and Rach is on the right. (sorry chicks)

And of course a fun tune for the evening......
love this song, not very Halloweeny, but oh so very me!     
 - JR


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