Monday, September 12, 2011

What's Under Yours?

Shoes sort of rule. Boots, flats, pumps, sandals, strappy, sneakers, flip flops, and don't forget the slipper.
You can put on the most kick a$$ outfit but without the right failure.
Okay, maybe not that dramatic. 
Playing sports is another time that shoes make a difference. Sure performance is a nice touch, but looking good while playing your game helps too.  Golfers love to look fly when they hit the links......
Check out what I found.
 Arriving at your local country club this year.....

 This new, upcoming product is coming to market SOON! Original Kiltees are currently in production and all of our unique and fun designs will be ready for purchase. Be sure to stayed tuned for the many new and exciting designs currently in the works. 

What do your Kiltees say about you?

Ms. Sporty
18 holes then chill'n with the ladies at the clubhouse.

Mr. Player
I'm 6'10" and I play for the NBA

Mrs. Prepared
Lunch after 9 holes.

Mrs. Chill
I don't take my game too seriously, but shoot, I look good.

 Kiltees can also be custom made with a team logo or for a good cause. The ribbon and Kiltee color can be made for your home team as well. Amy from Kiltees let me know that they were making Kiltees for the
Marquette University Golf team. Sweet!

A few more styles to check out....

Get out and enjoy some fall ball...the weather
is perfect for 18 holes.



Pete said...

Brilliant, you just put a huge smile on my face!! I trust you are taking some of your own medicine Jen? I can see you in the Mrs Chill shoes!! We should meet on the 19th hole one day soon ;o) Great article! Thanks for sharing. Pete

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