Saturday, June 11, 2011

I spoke too soon.

Well, it's day 3 of summer and I spoke way too soon.  These little ladies of mine are giving me a run for my money.  We motivated and went to watch Ellie's last game of soccer this morning.  Bummer, they lost 6-1, but E made the "1" for her team so she was doing alright. 

The afternoon is starting out to be a banner one.
Nina, the littlest, threw a giant fit because I wasn't making boxed mac-n-cheese. I was being a horrible Mom and whipping up the Pioneer Woman's amazing homemade Macaroni and Cheese recipe...The Horror!!! Here is Nina on the kitchen floor terribly upset that Kraft Boxed Mac-n-Cheese will not be served today.

Then my two oldest girlies started in on one another. Both said mean words and other stuff, so they are in their room....needless to say they didn't go quietly so they are there for the afternoon. The poor little inmates had their lunch in their room. Doesn't look too bad, does it?

Oh well, it's a quiet afternoon for me, they are
still in their rooms.

On an easier note, I went to the Brewer game against the Cardinals last night. Mona has season tickets and took me, Laura, and Bridget.  You might remember Mona from this post about her baby shower. Baby Hugh arrived 5 weeks ago and Mona deserved a fun night out. I am super impressed that she stayed out with us even after the game. Girls it was fun last night, Thanks Mona!

 A Brewer game is fun, but even better if your seats are here like us.

And you get to eat this. (Chipotle Chicken baked potato)

And you get to look at this. Albert Pujols, we sort of harassed him and made him turn our way a few times so he didn't make any home runs...I think it worked ;) Brewers won 8-0.

Next to us on our left was this guy with little feet making a huge peanut mess. I realize that people do this at games, but really, what a mess, who is going to clean this up?

On our right were these two boys with their Mom and Dad. They each had a favorite team they were rooting for.

Mona was making friends or she was showing
 them photos of baby Hugh, one of the two. They were nice fellas and I hope their parents (Mom especially...see her between them) didn't get annoyed that this crew of 30 something ladies were chatting up their

Laura just had the controversial Brazilian BlowoutI don't know, I think the pros outweigh the cons. Do You?

Laura is huge Brewer fan, with really nice hair.

Have a great weekend. ~JR


Pete said...

Well it looks like you've had a jam packed last 24 hours Jen! Hope the next 24 are just as fun ;o)
Take it easy

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