Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Rachel Lydia!

My first baby turned 12 today.  Rachel was born with a fluffy head of jet black hair. She was sweet and we spoiled the heck out of her. She quickly grew into a feisty toddler and let everyone know she was in the room.  She is the same little lady and we love her hugely!

Rachel has had many fun birthdays.
Age 3

Age 5, doughnut cake!

Today we started with the traditional Cake Pakes!

She opened up her presents....

We went to lunch at the famous Sobelman's for burgers and root beer today.

Tonight Rachel and I went for pedicures and dinner. She has her sparkly new sandals on and a fun blue pedi!

Rachel you always have such a glow about you. Sassy as you are, you really do shine!

Happy 12th Birthday sweet Rachel....we love you.  xoxo


Renotta Thompson RRT Designs said...

I love your new Vera Bradley bag. Happy Birthday. You have a great mom!

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