Saturday, May 28, 2011

Total Slacker

Serious blogger slack has been happening here. I have been busy eating Puerto Rican rice and beans (Abuela is in town), dining out with girlfriends, attending soccer games, planting a flower or two, and just hanging out with my 3 little girls. 

 One would think it's because I have been out enjoying the weather, NOT. Milwaukee weather this spring goes down in my history as the worst load of crap weather ever. I know, I am bitter and it comes off in this post, terribly sorry. Was reading the weather portion of the Wall Street Journal . Milwaukee was the lowest temp in the world that day...52 F. 
Calgary was even warmer at 54 followed by some place in Russia that bottomed out at 55 that day. Seriously, Russia!

 If your one of my 4 readers in Milwaukee, sorry about this rant. I know everyone here has either quit their job, moved, divorced, or freaked out on their kids.  I'm done. Next.

I went on a field trip with my daughter Ellie's 4th grade class.  It was actually a nice day, the sun came out. We went to Madison, the capitol of Wisconsin. The building is really quite beautiful. Everything gold, including the gold paint on the wall is 18kt gold....glad they spent the $$ back them. I heard that Governor Walker wanted to spend 2 million dollars to clean and repair the place...somehow they got the cost down to 250K, hmmm.  That's all I am saying about politics.

For all you IPhone people, I took these photos with my Blackberry. Yep, they look good.

I had lunch with my friend Laura this week....Juniper 61. (or 51, I can't recall) This roasted vegetable salad with a balsamic reduction...fanflipp'ntastic!

This photo looks a little creepy, but it was really good.

Went out with my girls Danni and Jen for a bite to eat at Elsa's....we loved these!  Moscow Mules in a copper mug...apparently Oprah is following me, she likes them too.
along with Danni. :0

I watched lots of soccer this week. My little star E is a fantastic soccer player. She's the legs running in the tough cookie. She had 2 goals each game
last weekend...just bragging a little.
*note the rain.....Midwest weather.

On a totally different bangs.

Stupid small?
Do I go for more?

Alright? Reese is adorable and blonde, but her bangs are heavy, mine are weak.  My good friend Jennifer (moscow mule jennifer) cuts my hair, should I show her this photo?
UPDATE: Danni says my bangs are already like Reese....blurry but recent pic.

*This is my most shallow post since I have started this blog. Sorry.*

I am heading back to work at the store this week. I hope this little day dress from Ya! is still there in my size.
I love this look too. The shorts are from
Jack (a division of BB Dakota)

On a more JR note, I found some quotes that felt good this week. Here they are.

I would like to be this.

I think I have followed this my whole life.

and my favorite is this one.....

Bring it. ~JR


Pete Long said...

Hey 'Total Slacker'
Great blog, I'm not surprised you haven't updated us for a while, you're too fl'pn' busy!! Looks like you are having a great time! Keep it up...oh yeah, I love 'life begins at the end of your comfort zone' analogy..might post that myself! Moscow Mule looks good, I'd say Danni likes it too given the expression on her face! :o)

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