Monday, May 30, 2011

Fortune Telling.....?

Do you believe in fortunes? Palm readings? Horoscopes? 
I am super skeptical about all of this. My friend Jenn
 (yes, another one..not hair stylist/moscow mule Jen)
had some of us over last summer for a palm reading.  Some of it was creepy accurate, but the rest seemed that it could be true for anyone. I came across this book at
Anthropologie last week.

 Look what is says about "Jennifer." Of course there are 5 million Jennifers, so is this true for all of us?
I sure the heck hope it's true for me....

Heading to a party at my friend Kori's. Her son, (my God son) Tyler is turning 13! Wow....that went super fast.
They have a beautiful pool and today the sun and heat is out. Should be lots of fun.

Have a great Memorial Day.
Thank you to all that have served for our country, to give us the freedom we are so very fortunate to enjoy.
Did you know
There are approximately 625,000 soldiers who died during the Civil War; 116,516 during World War I; 405,399 during World War II, 53,686 during the Korean War; and 58,209 during the Vietnam War.



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