Monday, May 23, 2011

Seeing is believing

So, I know that I blogged that Miami was this whole party in the sun.  What I didn't share is that we meet lots of really nice people. People like us with kids, families, jobs, lives, etc. I love meeting new people at home and away.  On our 2nd day in South Beach, at our favorite place, The Clevelander we met these three guys.  They were all married with kids and stopped for a drink before their flight at 8pm. They live in North Carolina and were there on a granite buying day trip.  We had fun chatting with them for about an hour. Facebook came into the picture and Danni was talking with one of the guys a day later.  We found out that he had lost his son just 4 months ago of a tragic unexpected illness. He had not spoken of his son in the past tense with us and he said it would have been a downer to bring it all up, so he spoke of his sweet son the same as always. 

Without sharing too much of someone's personal business,  "R" gave me the okay to let you all in on the magic of his camera.

Here it is, in "R's" words:

After "C" passed away our dog started getting up in the middle of the night and wanting to go out (German Shepard) so we would let him out and he was going wild, not normal at all for this dog and he was running around crazy and wagging his tail, like he was chasing something. After a couple months of this continuing we started taking pictures of this and its what is in the pictures that is truly a sign from God. I want to share it with you and I want you to feel free to show other people you know. We have been blessed with these and it has given me the comfort to go back out in life knowing "C" is safe. God gave me what I needed to see in a very personal way. :)  Ok right before I took this picture I spoke, "C" if you are here buddy, just show me one time." and this is the picture I took. It really is a sign from God and it's happening every night. We are so blessed.

Amazing...."C" will always be with his Mom & Dad.  Their lovable dog is the one that gave them a part of their son again.

I was given the book
The Next Place by Warren Hanson.
It truly is a great picture books for adults and kids about grieving the loss of someone you love. It reminds me of how small we really are and that each person and point in time is just a
speck of this crazy large existence.
It is way more spiritual than religious, which is how I view myself.
Wow, where is easy going Jen? She'll be back tomorrow.

Have a good one and hug your family today.


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