Monday, May 9, 2011

Thanks for coming

What a great night!
So many fun ladies came out in the rain on Thursday night.

The Play Gallery was a great location for the Fashion Show.
Tadpole's had really cute clothes on the kiddos.
The ladies clothing can all be found at Next Door.

 I only have a few pics of the night, I handed my camera off to a friend, and these are what she snapped, so bummed that I don't have all of the outfits....I am a control freak. How did I not have that camera in MY hand! Oh well, next time.

Get used to seeing these ladies...they are in every shot! Cracks me up, sometimes they are paying attention and sometimes they are really into an outfit that walks by. LOL

 Heather and her son Ben did a great job!

Ashley from Next Door wearing her Rock-n-Republic jeans.

Danni wearing Hazel and Miss Me Boyfriend Cropped.
 I love this dress my daughter Nina's
reversible and super soft.

 Victoria looked so good in this top from Ya! and
Citizen Cropped denim fit her perfectly!

Amanda always looking cute in any outfit she picks!

My tween, Rachel in this sweet top and short.
 Both can be found at Tadpoles

Love this dress Ellie is wearing.

 Heather and her son Aiden.
Her Hudson jeans fit perfect!
Love the jacket from Jack too!

 Victoria, great look, again!

What a fun night...thank you to those of you that made it out to the the show.
Now get out there and use those valuable coupons you took home in the goody bags!
All of the ladies clothing you saw at the show
can be found here Next Door



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