Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Re Entry is a B!@#

I think that giving a mother of 3 the independence of four days in South Beach should be a crime.  The ability to eat when she wants, lie in sun when she can, chat it up with handsome fellas when the moment should arise, and to stay out late with her gals and not have to wake to feed a child is criminal.  The pure act of flying in an airplane to a warm sunny destination felt wrong, but yet oh so right.  I am a criminal of sorts and I loved every minute of it! Getting through the re-entry into Mommyland is crazy tough....oh well.

 The idea of heading to Miami started last spring.
After losing their mom Patti, my friends Gina and Danni
each tested positive for the BRCA gene.
Both chose complete Mastectomies with
 reconstruction that was painful and emotional.
Last May we went on the Breast Vacation Ever! We had so much fun we did it again this year.

Tanya, Gina, Danni, me
We are lucky enough to stay at Gina's boss's condo for free.  Nothing is free in Miami, so this is a huge score. It's right on Ocean Drive, across from Nikki Beach.

We get to see views like this right out our window. I am an old lady...I took a photo anytime I saw one of these things cruising past.  I will never ride on one, but they are amazing to look at.

We met some friends...some pretty like this

and some pretty like this. Hello! (Danni don't be so shy!)

We spent lots of time here (the beach) duh.

and here (Gansevoort Plunge)

and here, Clevelander

We ate this (David's Cuban Cafe on 11th and Collins)

and drank these at the Clevelander.....Red Bull and Vodka frozen...why the heck didn't I think of that????

Weirdly enough while shopping on Collins we saw this at Club Monaco......damn she looks like me. The large grill, angled nose, and the eyes! crazy...we all went right for it....thinking the same thing.

Can't forget this place...
Mango's is the source of meeting lots of fun people.  Last year we loved meeting friends from the UK, we still talk with them on Facebook! I love Mango's!
This year proved the same.....and a late night! :)

See you next year Miami.....even if it is a little criminal. ~JR

This was leaning on the ledge next to my bed in Miami.
I think it rings true.
We were ridiculously fun and had a great time!
Thanks for the fun times
Gina, Danni, & Teenie!


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