Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Morning from the Redneck Riviera!

 I slept through the big event, but woke up in time to see the Royal Carriage enter Westminster Abbey.

Watching this replayed right now on E ~The Royal Wedding Channel (This channel cracks me up, but yet I still have not changed the channel.)

Despite the excitement of today I have nothing but prayers for the people of Alabama and the surrounding states. The devastation they have seen is horrific.  We traveled through this really beautiful state on our way down here. Green and lush is all we saw. Birmingham was where we stopped overnight and to think this city was trampled is unimaginable.  Please keep the people of this area in your prayers.
We were luckily not affected by the horrible tornado outbreak in the south  We did drive through all of these cities so it is amazing to think that this happened. So terrible for all the people in these cities.

The weather in Destin has been perfect though.
I have to say this part of Florida is known as
If being a redneck means being warm, sunny, and eating oysters at the Crab Shack with good friends, then The Redneck Riviera has been good to us.

More to come later today...... ~JR


Brown8602 said...

LOVE the picture of the kids... I miss them all! Glad you're having fun...xoxo

Alie said...

DANG! Look at all those kiddos!!! We miss you guys!

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