Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time for a change

I live in the midwest, it's not pretty here right now.  Gray snow banks, brown grass peeking through, gray skies, over all, living he** for anyone with SAD.

I am tired of each day being filled with the same gross weather. Today was a bit different with Day Light Savings and all. Along with the fact that this strange thing was in the sky. It was warm, bright, and it was surrounded by blue....

I think I need some color in my life. Whether it's in my home, my clothing, my pedicure...whatever!

How about adding a yellow wall in the kitchen? Kind of a lot of work, maybe in Fall.


How about red and yellow thrown together, that's a bit easier. Not so much of a committment.
via Domino

I don't think I would need color if the sun came into my kitchen through doors like these....especially a kitchen that looks like this...for real?


Just wearing color wakes me up.  Thank goodness for Spring Break. We are heading to Destin FL with the kiddos and friends for a week in the sun.  One of these dresses from 213 is coming with me, flip flops and the green dress? yep!

Find these @ Next Door

Maybe I should just paint a door.....

I see so many people painting things orange,  Maybe I could do it, maybe.

This little pretty turqoise pendant light could hang with me anyday!


This light is mine, it's hanging in the foyer. More affordable than the previous looked good before I show it
following the Massucco Warner Miller Chandelier photo.
Nice, now it looks ugly. Darn SAD, kicking in again...kidding.

I have no trouble trying new colors, pedicures are meant for that.
Lavender is the new pink this spring...atleast that is what I think I heard. Hmmm.

My daughters don't seem to notice that Wisconsin in March stinks. They played basketball with the neighbor kids and they built a fort in the family room.

Nope this photo is not ours, they are creative, but I couldn't give them lighting for their fort, they would burn the house down....

They were fighting about who goes where and grabbing blankets from all over the flipp'n house!  Here is what their fort looked like.
Cute, but that lamp fell over twice. 

My 5 year old is beat....she threw a tantrum over socks and fell alseep in this weird position next to me while I am writing this blog. 

Don't worry I wouldn't let her stay that way too long.

I have to go it too early to put her to bed? -JR



Danni said...

First comment....I want that pink dress!
2Nd comment, did I tell you that we're painting our front doors red? Crazy...
Also, I love that distressed table and those benches in that kitchen! LOVE...
Lastly, that was darn cute of Nina xox

Jennifer of said...

Thanks D!

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