Friday, March 25, 2011

happy birthday nina

My baby is 6 today!  Nina Katherine "Bean" was born on Good Friday{3.25.05}, easy breezy baby delivery. Always cuddly and such a sweet pea.  She met with the sassy side around age 3, probably because she stopped napping at age 2. Oh well, she is a great sleeper now and has a truely fiesty personality. Life would not be nearly as fun without her.

I made this little collage around her non napping hangs on a
bulletin board in our dining room.
Snif, Snif, I miss this age.

Sweet Nina needs a special treat for her birthday and I think it's these! She adds sprinkles to anything I let her loose is a special day!  *UPDATE* This recipe ROCKs!! My girls gave them the new name, "CakePakes"  and they loved them....they have been even eating leftovers cold from the fridge. I would recommend making a double recipe...LOVE!

found this tasty recipe here

I know, cake for breakfast? Watch this and don't judge me.

Happy 6th Birthday Nina!
You are a lovely little lady. You make me laugh. I know I can always
count on you to guess what I'm thinking. ;) Your such a big girl now!
We love you to the moon and back~xoxo
Mommy & Daddy

Here's a new collage for my little Spitfire! xo ~mama


Kat said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl. She's beautiful, just like her mommy! My oldest will be six in July. I can't believe how quickly those years have flown by!

jennifer said...

Awww!!! Love that sweet girl. Happy bday nina!

Jennifer of said...

Thanks Kat & Jenn....she's a sweetie. I took her to see a movie tonight, it got a little late and the spitfire in her came out! :{ She's sleeping hard's to year 6!

Babbs said...

can't be!

Anonymous said...

AWWWW I saw her when I was doing Wed. Wireless this week she came in to get a paper and I thought OMG when did she get so big. Casey misses all of you and I still appreciate all the times you and Dino helped me out with him. Love your blog! Amy

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