Monday, March 28, 2011

Absolutely, never, no way, no how!

This blew my mind!
Seriously, not a fan of this concept. I am sure many of you would feel just right doing this. I would freak out and assume I was going to pummel to my death. I would do pretty much anything but this. 

This made me feel panicked


This made me super anxious

And this one

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

I can do things like this

and even this

Iron Wolf

But not this type of high ridiculous stuff.....
I rode this at Navy Pier with two of my daughters,
.....I will never do it again. I promise.

Plan your next event with

Of course you'll need an extra 20-30K to
toss out for dinner.

Any takers?
You? Would you do this? Talk to me....
*update: My husband just made a very good point when
 I showed him this post....what do you do when you
have to use the restroom?   C'mon everyone we are
heading down.....Sally has to pee, AGAIN.  Do they set
you up with astronaut diapers....or is there a set hour to pee?
 I'm just saying, bladder production: reason #2 not to dine
in the sky. (remember reason #1?  Pummel to your death.)
 Ok, enough said.



Kat said...

Good Lord, you will never catch me in one of those things. Laughing my head off over the bathroom comment... maybe they have a bucket?! It could serve two purposes, for throwing up and for using the bathroom. See? Problem solved.

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