Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Evil to the core

These are the enemy.

Don't let the pretty purple bag fool you.

They sit next the kitchen sink so unassuming, so Easter like, all pastel and cute.

That is until you start filling a container
with them for short car rides,
like picking kids up at school or running to the bank, and then you eat them ALL and hide them from the kids when they get in the car after school.  I'm just saying.

They look all good until you open your 3rd bag of the season and nobody really knows that they are in the house, except you.

You would not believe it
I am not the only freak
318,494 like them on Facebook
Make that 318,495

"Mini Egg season!!! oh the joy!!! the perfectly white washed pastel colors, the candy shell that dissolves if you are patient enough, the smooth dairy milk chocolate takes me to chocolate paradise....I'm head over heals for those speckled little bit
sized gifts of God."  -Facebook Cadbury Mini Egg fan

My friend, Krista from San Francisco sent me the first bag this season. Sort of a tradition from back in the day, when we sat and watched movies (Boomerang to be exact), 
eating these out of a glass elephant jar on a large orange sectional sofa at my sister's apartment.  Good thing times have changed, now I eat them out of tupperware and geese bowls from Anthropologie....while watching Sky High on Disney with my kids. ......geez.



Kat said...

Ah yes, the Cadbury Mini Egg.. a.k.a. "The devil in disguise"
I love those things. Having lived the first 25 years of my life in Canada and being a huge fan of Cadbury chocolate.... the mini eggs are a sure sign of spring and expanding waistlines... mainly mine if I get my mitts on a bag.

Jennifer of said...

kat! good to hear from you...I knew I liked you...our mutual love for the devil in the purple bag. :0 J

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