Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The art of raising girls

As a the Mommy of 3 girls
one would think I might have some answers.

This photo goes to show, I don't. This is the wake they leave behind when they headed off to school this morning. Hair clips, pony tail holders, brushes, hair spray, toothrushes, toothpaste, hair gel.....

Of course, not before this

They argue about cereal, mirror time, the sink in the bathroom, a sister walking in while their using the toilet, you get the drift.

If I tell you all about the yuck part of the mornings I have to tell you about the adorable stuff. I heard Rachel tell Ellie, "I love your hugs E."
Nina told Ellie, "I love you more than everything." That stuff makes the harsh moments easier to get past. They can play so well together when they get the chance.

I love this book our neighbor gave the girls
"For every girl with an independent spirit and a nose for trouble, here is the no-boys allowed guide to adventure."

Learn how to make a friendship bracelet, change a tire, put your hair up wth a pencil, & make a lemon powered alarm clock. Learn about books that will change your life, the history of women inventors & scientists, and finances such as stocks, bond, & interests. All put into easy to read words with great illustrations. Written by Miriam Peskowitz ~Check out the site

I love these little clowns. They crack me up. There isn't a guide to raising them. They have huge hearts with equally huge emotions. I think they will grow to be wonderful young women and the greatest Mommy's. When they do, only then would I have a clue on the art of raising girls. ~JR


Alie said...

Love love love! And you have the most wonderful daughters!

jennifer said... this too.:)
Ps can't wait for my jeans....excited!

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