Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Hold onto your hats. It turns out I have a lot to say. Today's post turned out to be a rambling one, enjoy!

Not everyone likes Valentines Day, but I do. Oh, not the roses and the I love you stuff, that can and should be part of any ordinary day of the year. I like the chocolate, decorations, clothing, jewelery, treats, and pink decor that comes out. Everything this month is surely pink. Pink isn't only perfect for bubble gum, Breast Cancer Awareness, Baby Girls, Pepto Bismal, ballerinas, & lipstick. It can also make you feel happy and energentic!

There are so many pinkish things out there that don't scream pink..unless of course you show them all in a row like I am going to do. Adding a small bit can pump up your jam in an outfit and in a room in your house. (*note* House not set up for photo shoot, dusty table alert. I picked up my cell phone without moving off my butt to show you I practice what I preach. The flowers look red on my Blackberry photo, but they are very fuscia pink)

And remember this from Next Door? Splendid makes lots of lively colors choices.

Havaianas in Super Pink. I usually go with black, silver, gold, but Pink was added to my closet during a sale last fall. They are keepers.


Very Hollywood by Michael Kors...smells perfect...

RASPBERRY MOJITO I can't tell you how much I love these, almost more than a Patron Margarita, almost.

(recipe and photo via hostessblog.com

2 oz rum
.5 oz Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
6-8 fresh mint leaves
2 lime wedges
1/2 tsp sugar
club soda.

Add sugar, mint leaves, lime wedges and a splash of club soda to a tall glass. Muddle until sugar is dissolved. Add ice to glass. Add rum and Chambord. Stir to mix. Top with a splash of soda.

Next Door is throwing in a splash of pink too! So darn cute...
Click here to see what's happening @ Next Door

Ahh, a classic 80's thought...I remember watching MTV the first few months after my Mom subscribed to cable, I was in middle school! This video is the quintessential mid 80's song....
image via worthpoint.com

A thought out of my 5 year old Nina...these books keep her happy. There are now Goldilicious and Purplicious, hmmm, why change the first concept, $$?
image via amamzon.com

Liking this for my old man, not pink but blush red. Last year I bought him a pink shirt. At first he was hesistant, then he tried it and wore the heck out of it.
image via J Crew

How about this for love....It loosely translates, is Love, is Life! How's that for the truth. We saw stripes all over the Spring 2011 lines at Market. Catch yours here before they are gone. :)
Buy this Mink Tee here at Next Door

It's fun to bake with goodies like these...I have tried some recipes from Bakerella, all have been tasty. Bakerella is an amazing baker, hence the name. Check her out here
find these at India Tree

images from Bakerella

Always have been a fan of this
image via www.allposters.com

I saw this image 2 years ago in the now defunct magazine, Domino (sniff sniff) It was a spread on actress Amanda Peet's home. I have saved all my issues of Domino, so sad to have seen it go. Check out the entire photo shoot here Bohemian Vintage

And for real, this Valentines Day order out for one of these....

Find so many fun pillow options at Alexandra Fergeson on Etsy

These are pretty darn lovely ~PINK LEMONADE by Isabel Harvey I would love to have these under my pillow this Valentines Day

This lovey dovey holiday sort of makes me laugh. You can love your family and friends a whole lot, but you have to take it all with a grain of salt. I mean try not to freak out over everything. The sky is not falling. Take the good with the bad.

I am repeating it all to make it my mantra. I tend to freak out over small stuff...not sure how this pink post turned into me telling you what NOT to do.

Just do as I do: Laugh often and cry when neccesary, even if it's often.

I'll leave you with this. A napkin my sister gave me. It hangs from a tack on a bulletin board in my kitchen. ~JR


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