Monday, February 7, 2011

Packers Win!

Wow, what a game! I watched every play and found myself full of anxiety...Good Lord, I don't really need another hobby.

I made these for the big game. I found the idea from Sara at sbcreatively
Peanut Butter Football Cookies (With added chocolate covered pretzels for color)
My nephews are for opposing teams. Our biggest fan (Gabe) loves the Steelers so much, tears were part of the night. :( Opposing teams, but still brothers! This photos was taken pre game, love that kid, so no post game shots. xo

My sister made these amazing sliders from Rachel Ray Steakhouse Sliders You actually make the burger part in a cookie sheet and cut them into squares the size of brownies, EASY and good! She carmelized onions and had crispy bacon to add on top, perfect. (Of course I was up at 4am taking a Tums, old lady, I know)

I even won $150 in the pool! What more could I ask for? Aaron Rodgers MVP? OK~

Maybe I'll buy one of these
But pair it with these
7 For All Mankind Bootcut Original Fit in SHAI

My kids had to be dragged out of bed....mostly Rachel,

our 11 year old. She's the "tweener" who says she can stay up until 9 o'clock on school nights, I'm not buying it. They were out hard last night by 10:15pm and so were we. Tough to get up after a night of burger, wings, margaritas, and chocolate. Can't talk about, taking another Tums with my coffee and steel cut oatmeal.

Complete fun weekend! Happy Monday my friends. ~JR

Photos courtesy of me,, NY Times, Food Network, & Lady Fanatics


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