Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dress up your bump

When I was pregnant with our first daughter an OB in my dr.s' group saw me for a monthly check. She was so unkind mean. I left crying because she told me I could "stop gaining weight anytime." Talk about a slap in the face to a pregnant gal. The next time I went in I wore a linen casual dress and I kid you not, my OB told me I was such a beautiful pregant woman. (He was always a a little creepy flirty, but I didn't care at that point, it made me happy) My point to this story is that wearing a dress can make anyone feel good. When your pregnant, feeling good is essential... So dress up that bump you have been given, it's good for your pregant self.

All of these dresses are from Maternal America. So flattering and in fantastic colors. I added some fun to it with an Ellie Collection necklace and also our line of Pewter jewelry.

Love this tie front, and neckline...both accentuate the positive.

Add this pink Splendid scarf and Paige Maternity denim and get more use out of the dress! Check out all the colors of Michael Stars Maternity dresses to the left of my Mannequin Model....lovely. Here is a pretty green one.
I put this pink 9 Month Tank under for color, but worn alone it's pretty fun and makes a great conversation piece.

Tomorrow I have a great post about clothes that are NOT maternity yet can be worn while pregnant. Teaser Alert: I put the BABY BUMP back on! This is so hard for my husband to see me look pregnant...he would take another little person anytime, but like I said before, this womb is closed. Three little ladies is a fun handful already, and geez, we all know it would be another girl! Enjoy your Sunday, I am heading to my cousins house for an early dinner. A bit of the menu to tempt you, homemade breaded eggplant and rootbeer floats. Mmmmm -JR


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