Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Advanced Maternal Age

I have a friend that taught me a long time ago what AMA was. Well it's code for "Old Mom." Pregnancy after age 35 makes you have a little different treatment at the OB/GYN office. Here is a list of pregnant ladies you may have heard of.
They all have an AMA. Way to go ladies!

Jewel - 36, singer/songwriter
Baby Daddy - Rodeo star Ty Murray

Gretchen Mol - 38, Actress on Boardwalk Empire
Baby Daddy - Kip Williams

Selma Blair 37 Actress
Baby Daddy - Fashion designer Jason Bleick

Toni Collette 37- Actress
Baby Daddy - Husband musician Dave Galafassi

Drea De Matteo 37 - Actress
Baby Daddy - Waylon Jenning’s son,
musician Waylon Albright “Shooter” Jennings

Alicia Silverstone 34.5 (on the cusp of AMA)- Actress
Baby Daddy - Christopher Jarecki

Jane Krakowski - 42, Actress
Baby Daddy - Fiance and fashion designer Robert Godley

Penelope Cruz - 36, Actress
Baby Daddy - Husband and actor Javier Bardem

Rachel Zoe - 39, Fashion Stylist
Baby Daddy - Husband Rodger Berman

Jennifer Connelly - 40, Actress
Baby Daddy - Husband and actor Paul Bettany, 39

Victoria Beckham - 36, Singer, Fashion Icon
Baby Daddy - Soccer player David Beckham

Mariah Carey - 41, Singer
Baby Daddy - Husband, actor, comedian, rapper,
radio and television personality Nick Cannon

Jennifer Connelly looks pretty darn good, pregnant at 40...fantastic!
photo via extra.com
Rachel Zoe, hmmm. They are calling this a noticable baby bump. That's how my bump looks after dinner.
photo via NYDailynews.com
Mariah Carey, now here's a girl that can rock the AMA, 40 years and bringing the fishnets during her 2nd trimester! Well done MC.
photo via peoplestylewatch.com

Happy Tuesday my friends~JR


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