Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life long friendships

My new gig with Next Door has me blogging about an an old past time, pregnancy and mommyhood. Mind you, I can't just do that, it's just not me, it will have to be more. Being a Mom isn't just about the logistics of mothering, but the lifestyle it creates for our us. Since being a Mom I have bonded with other Mom's and have created life long friendships. I have traveled with these women and their families, drank numerous bottles of wine, talked about marriages (the good and the bad), compared stories about our children's bowels, sleep patterns, & grades, we have lost parents and birthed more babies since first meeting, we have endured cancers (in our husbands, children, and parents), and we have given support during divorces and subsequent marriages. Throughout all of these years we may have been similiar but all very unique. Our one common demoninator beside proximity is that we had children at the same time and this allowed us the opportunity to raise our children together. I love these women girls like sisters and they have become a part of my daily life. This is what I want to aim to blog about. Join me as I wrap my head around this part of my life.

I am heading out this afternoon with two of these wonderful gals and their families to Green lake, WI. Only an hour and a half from Milwaukee, be back Saturday. All of our kids have off of school Friday so it's short lake date with skating, bonfires, snow mobiles, & sledding. 6 adults, 11 kids, 1 large tray of peanut butter and chocolate Special K bars, 1 box Sam's Club sized rainbow goldfish, steaks, tater tots, taco dip, 1 bottle of Kettle One, 2 bottles of red wine, 12 pk Leinenkugel, and 3 gallons of apple juice. I WILL take photos! ~Jennifer


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