Wednesday, August 24, 2011

INdustri Cafe and The Scientist

Milwaukee is filled with 
some truly great restaurants. 
Sometimes though, it's finding them that can get tricky.
We found INdustri Cafe last night.

I love this joint.
First off, there is no way this appetizer should be missed.
Polish Sausage Kabobs with fried white cheddar curds mini all dipped into rosemary whole grain mustard dipping sauce.

Those of you that know me know that I have a drink. 
My drink is Patron on the rocks with a splash of each OJ, lime juice, Grand Marnier and club soda. This place had freshly squeezed OJ and a huge juicy orange 
slice floating in the glass. 
 Seriously, perfectly done and one is just enough.

 For dinner I wisely chose the grilled endive salad with fig-balsamic glaze, blood orange coulis,  and hazelnut oil drizzle.

The look of this place is pretty darn cool as well. Any of these words describe it. Easy going, low key, or chill. 
I will go back soon.  

Here is what is said about these two fellas 
who created this establishment.
With a combined experience of over thirty-eight years within the kitchens of Milwaukee’s finest restaurants, the founders of INdustri Cafe are more than ready to showcase their very own interpretation of fine-dining. Born and raised in Milwaukee, both Chris Miller and Robert Klemm started working within the industry at age fourteen. The two first worked together at a downtown sushi restaurant and quickly noticed their cohesive synergy. It didn’t take long for them to begin to  envision what their own restaurant would look like, noting the pitfalls they had encountered working for other establishments and making plans for how they would do it different when it was solely their project.
With much patience and perseverance the founders waited for the perfect location before taking the plunge into their own adventure. The space needed to be warm, welcoming and instantly make patrons feel comfortable. The venue they eventually chose does exactly that – it is a shelter from the ordinary.
The vision for INdustri Cafe pays homage to all Milwaukee-based industries: agriculture, artists, manufacturing and of course, the service industry itself. Every aspect of the restaurant embodies this mission – from the lack of a stringent dress code, the presence of local artists’ work on the Cream City bricks, the localized liquor menu – the beer list only includes Wisconsin-based products, and the use of Braise, a farm to table food coop used by only a few other restaurants in the city.

To read the healthy review that INdustri received
 from a real foodie, click here

After dinner I heard Coldplay's The Scientist played acoustically....I do believe having it played for you with a guitar is better than the piano, just my opinion. Do you agree?
Here is Chris Martin doing the same. -JR

This song has followed me over the last few

months. The universe must be in charge.



Alie said...

Yes..I find the universe is often in charge of me. :)

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