Saturday, July 16, 2011

Well put....some of my favorites.

I am a sucker for a good quote, statement, or word. Spoken, written, or made into a sign. My friends must know this because they send me photos of the fun ones they see. I have a memo app on my Blackberry that I add things people say to me that I know I won't remember. Weird? Maybe, but I don't know, I like to remember the things that make sense to me, ring true, or are just damn funny! 

Here are some of favorites.

I am giv'n up giv'n up.    
-Jen C. 
(my Moscow Mule, hair stylist friend)

From Barb, my easy going friend. :)

I have a headlight out, I'll have a Bud Light.
-Kelly P
(while out with our High School friends)

Saw this at Summerfest.

Enough said.

Did I eat dinner yet?
-Nina, my 6 year old

From my sister, Holly. Hope this isn't true, but it is pretty funny.

I don't know where it comes from lately, but I seem to refer to people as "tools."
Mostly it's their stupid behavior, which I am sure I am guilty of as well. Maybe it's okay?

From a blog I read...La Dolce Vita

Because I am a difficult human being.
-Bethanny Frankel
(Skinny Girl founder and Housewife of NYC chick.  I like that she said this, because I can relate. It is probably the reason for many things I do or have done.)

A favorite of mine. It is so me!  I really do know what you should be doing. Don't know much about what I should be doing,
but that's another story.

This butter is crap.
-Danni, via Rob, via some guy named Tony.

No idea where I found this, but I like it.

Jump'n Jesus, Holy Cow. What's the
difference anyhow?
-David Gray
(I love any song from David....but this one was my first taste of him years ago.)

I guess it just depends on the mood.

Go where you are.
(My Monday morning yoga teacher. Kind of "yoga" like statement, it was from the first time I took her class. It was right after my Mom died and her class felt easy on my brain. She says lots of meaningful things, but this stuck.)

Self explanatory.

Love this one....I think you may have seen this one already. It was on my nightstand on my Spring Miami trip. (ridiculous....hmmm, maybe it's not bad to be. ?? I used that word in a negative way yesterday...I shouldn't do that....this is why I save these quotes, to remind me.)

From a friends FB page.
The yellow traffic signal gives
permission to be patient.
Thanks Pete.

I have many more on my phone and on my computer. I'll save some for another time.

I am up early today while no one else in my house has stirred.  Watching ESPN and a recap of the Woman's World Cup gave me the chills. These women are inspirational. The games are amazing and I have never even played soccer.
My daughter Ellie loves soccer. She made the Select A team for fall. A few years ago I had no idea what that meant, but I do now and we are really proud of her.

She is not a fan of being goalie. Maybe I should play some film of Solo annihilating her opponents during the games this week?

E is aggressive and not afraid of the ball.....I would never be able to stand in that net with a ball coming at my head! She is so fun to watch!

A friend of mine referred to this blog as 
Chambers Street Adventures, 
I better live up to those standards. ;)

On Thursday night I Stormed the Bastille. It's a 5k run to start out the annual french festival Bastille Days. The run starts at 9pm and winds through the city with the rest of the night being a big party.  The Eiffel Tower replica, the food and the people make this a great night. The weather was cool for the run but plenty warm to be outside...until 1:30am, if you chose to do so. I am not saying anything.....

via jsonline

Today we are heading to Kori and Dave's pool, again. Tonight out with friends for Danni's husband Rich's birthday. The girls are having a sleep over with Danni's girls,
so everyone is happy!

Summer is short here, we need to take advantage.
As my friend Jenny's dad says,
No Having fun!

(Jenny's car on our way to Florida this past Spring Break!)

Where ever you are, have a great weekend.


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