Thursday, July 7, 2011

Miss me?

I know, I have been missing in action. I have taken a self proclaimed hiatus.  I am sure you are all fine with the fact that I have not babbled at you in over a week. Sometimes it is weird to blurt out all that I have been doing.  I really do enjoy this blog and am surprised at how many readers I have stopping by. I am not a narcissist and sometimes find it hard to share everything...since I assume you'll get a bit bored. 

I am with my 3 girls pretty much all day in the summertime.  We went to Discovery World on lake Michigan a week ago....they were so fun. They couldn't get enough of all the exibits.

I have plenty of solo time in the evening or random days or nights when I hang with friends. I spend time at the lake, the pool, out to dinner, going to concerts, going to the gym, etc. The same thing most of us all do.  Instead of relaying it all to you I took a break.  It feels like groundhog day! Up, coffee, make beds, read, decide what we'll do today...pool, park, backyard, lunch, dinner, read some more....sun and friends! Don't get me wrong, no complaints here. I love summer, but think I need to stop relaxing and having fun...right? No? I don't know...I am used to being a control freak, drill sergeant, planner. This summer seems different. Kind of lazy, chill, a little disorganized. I have read two books this week and loved every minute of it!!!  Alright, done with the intensity of this paragraph. Next.

The house is quiet. Kids are asleep, the old man is out on his Harley with's just me and I couldn't be happier. Happy that it's 9:45pm, happy that everyone is tired and fell right to sleep, and happy that I can watch the That 70's Show Marathon. I forgot how funny this show is. Here are a few favorites! So lame, but truly hilarious writing.

On a totally different note, I went to Great America with my big girls and my friend Kori's boys.  We went on every ride!

Tomorrow is Friday...Kori and I have a standing Friday at noon pool date. Kids, (her 4 and my 3) sun, chatter, a beer, and maybe something on the grill....Mmmmm! Only a few more Fridays, I will be in the store on Fridays toward the end of the month.

Speaking of Miss Me....we have a plentiful selection of your favorite Miss Me Styles.

I'll come back to you over the weekend, with hopefully more
interesting stuff! I think I am beat from all my relaxed behavior. I should reconnect with my uptight self. Just kidding, g'night. JR


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