Friday, June 17, 2011

All for a good cause.

Monday night I went to Madison, again.
It was for a very great cause this time.

Party on The Lake  is an annual event that raises money for Breast Cancer Recovery Infinite Boundaries Retreats.

Infinite Boundaries Retreats provide breast cancer survivors with an opportunity to look at the issues surrounding their breast cancer, gather information, and experience and enjoy the company of new-found "sisters." Moving beyond an intellectual understanding of the disease -- exploring feelings, fears and life wishes -- is an essential part of the healing process. By telling their stories and exploring their losses and fears, survivors can begin their emotional healing. At retreat, women learn and practice healing strategies to live life more fully.

There are retreats for woman that live with and that have survived Breast Cancer. The Metastatic Retreat is designed for women that are in advanced stages of the disease.

 “Women with metastatic breast cancer are a smaller subgroup within a larger group of b.c. survivors, and yet our issues are so different. Thankfully, Breast Cancer Recovery retreats give us a rare opportunity to connect with others who truly understand what we’re going through.” – Metastatic Retreat Attendee March 2009

My friends Danni and Gina lost their mom, Patti to Breast cancer 4 years ago.  Their Uncle Jim and cousin Jen give much of their time to this cause.  They asked us to come out and help and have fun at the same time......... We did!

Bishops Bay Country Club hosted a fantastic night.

 There were many great auctions items to bid on.

 People Bid High

And they Bid Often

Just a few of the Bid High and Bid Often girls.
me, Paula, Jen, and Danni.

These really cool and talented musicians came to entertain.

They asked everyone to follow them out while the music played. They did a few songs, one being Amazing Grace, with some moments of silence for those lost to this terrible disease. Overlooking the lake was the perfect place
for this all to take place.

Cheryl Ludy Stalowski (in the pink dress) was our host for this fun event.
Nice work Cheryl, it was a huge success!

Paula's husband, Jay was the talented photographer for the evening. He knew about Chambers Street and thought this blogger could use some hip pics!
We loved these flamingos...for $20 they could come home to live on your lawn!

Driving home from Madison on a Monday night at 11pm was well worth it, considering Danni was doing the driving...I slept.  Turns out we both slept in our Bid High Bid Often T's, so much for Uncle Jim's Red Bull and Vodka's!

Off to my sister's 40th Birthday party...another Party on The Lake, today....ladies only. I'll tell you all about it next time -JR


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