Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day #2

The snow was not enough, now it's -1 degrees. Oh well, can't complain, got to sleep until 7am!

My girls were outside yesterday from 9am until 1pm, then back out after 3 until 5pm. Not a bad day, they slept like rocks!

Here is how it all washed out.

The night of the storm

The kids blocks in the window say it all. By the way, that is our Christmas Tree out there. I stuck it in the snow and thought I would "reuse" it as landscaping until the world thaws out.
The view out our dining room window....4 foot drifts!

Looks like fun....

Slightly dangerous?

Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, closed all day yesterday.

This is what us parents were doing most of the day.

Nah, just kidding. I was painting the wall above my fireplace...from this

To this (I know not a huge difference, but the blue was looking busy. Switched to "Agreeable Gray" by Benjie Moore. Do you Agree?)

No worries about this snow, my peonies will bloom in about 113 days. Here is what they looked like last year.

Taking the kids bowling after lunch, should be fun.They will beg for popcorn, soda, pizza, nachos and I will get irritated, but still should be fun. Back to school tomorrow, right? ~JR


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