Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's all about the Snow Day

Here in Milwaukee we are all talking about the weather....15-20" of snow! My husband focuses his mind on the shoveling and I focus my mind on, What am I going to do with these little ladies of mine for the snow day tomorrow? It's so cold and windy, sledding is sort of out of the question. I think we will end up making some fun snacks and playing some games. I have already invited some of their friends over to play after lunch.

Nina, my youngest and I played with some game pieces and wrote notes to each other.

I wrote back...(yes I know the "and" should be a bit lower) :)

She said,

It wasn't...it looked like this today...
and it's only getting worse.

The girls then made these
Salt Dough Valentine Ornaments.

(Recipe for Air Dry Salt Dough: 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, and 1 cup water, add pink food coloring then blend together. Keep in a ziploc for up to 2 days. Roll it out like cookie dough and use a fun cookie cutter, add some bling, let it dry, then add a funky ribbon, Ours are still drying, funky ribbon TBD)

Tomorrow it's going to look like this

I'll be wishing I was wearing this
*** SUPER*SECRET*NOTE This is a sneak peak of some of the Spring Line from Jack....Jack is a fresh line from BB Dakota, all which will show itself off at Next Door beginning in April

I'll be wishing I was wearing it all here
That's all for tonight. I assume I will be posting tomorrow. I will have plenty of free time. More sneak peaks of the Spring lines! So excited! ~JR


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