Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love is a battlefield.....said while seriously LOL'ing

I have a laughing issue lately...I have this bellowing laugh that I can hear with my own ears.  My friends crack me up...my side has actually hurt some days.  It makes me so happy to laugh...it feels so damn good!!

 Life has been good lately, really really good.  It could be that I have spent so much time with my 3 daughters and have had lots of fun with them.  We have played hoops outside, had friends over for dinner, sleepovers with cousins, and movie nights with some of the best popcorn ever!  It could be this amazing weather the past week here in Milwaukee. 70's and the next few days in the low 80's.  I think it could make any Wisconsin girl happy.  It could be that things are falling into place.....professionally and personally. It could be really any or all of it!
 On another fun note.

Tonight when I got home from work, Sarah, a.k.a "BI" or "Built In" as she has been nicknamed, was watching one of those singing competition shows. We totally sang along.....
I truly can't tell you how much I LoVe this song....... 
My sister and I made so many attempts to tape this during Casey Kasem's Top 40 countdown in the early 80's! Who knew the words are so bitter. Clear your mind and wash the palette clean sounds like the only sensible advice. ;)

Always I'm surprised how well you cut my feelings to the bone
Don't want to leave you really
I've invested too much time to give you up that easy
To the doubts that complicate your mind

 Clear your mind and do your best to try and wash the palette clean
We can't begin to know it, how much we really care
I hear your voice inside me, I see your face everywhere
Still you say

We would belt this out.....enjoy!

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open.  ~John Barrymore

Glad my door was open.


Alie said...

I just have to share! When I was in college, I was at a friends house with a group of girls in the late spring. And we were singing this song at the top of our lungs. So loud in fact that a neighbor called the cops. He didn't give us a ticket, but he said, "Don't quit your day jobs." :)

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