Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm not scared of snow....

You don't frighten me Wisconsin Winter. You and your blustery wind, sleet, and tonight's anticipated 4-7 inches. 

Yes, my car does not have the best snow performs better on ice free pavement.

I still believe and have faith that Spring is imminent....

Yes, it may be far away, but it will come.

And I'll be ready.

Today at NextDoor we had tons of shoppers. Spring outfits flew out the door.....many heading on vacations, but some just going out here in Milwaukee this weekend. 
Stop in soon to see how Spring looks.. :) 



Pete said...

ha ha I am glad you are ready Jen! Your wardrobe looks HUGE!! Like you I CANNOT wait for the spring! Its just round the corner my friend, hang in there, drive safely and enjoy the snow....its there...might as well ;o)

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