Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bring On The Color!!!

I am fairly certain that I never thought I would take part of the colored denim style.  I stand hugely corrected.

We are ready to order colored denim for Spring...which will eventually rear it's lovely face in this time zone about 10-12 weeks from the meantime we can wear some bright jeans to take away from the little sunshine. ;)

I want your opinion on what colors you think are easy to pull off on a daily basis.  I know that red, electric blue, and green seem to be a vote from many of my friends.  
What color would you wear???
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Alie said...

Red or something in the red, magenta, mauve category would be my first choice.
I'd wear green for sure. And probably purple! said...

i have the Hot Pink...and just love them! :) loud but nice.

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