Friday, November 11, 2011

Seeing Gray

 Someone told me I have trouble with gray.....not the color but the gray part of life. I see it as either black or white, yes or no, in or out.  I have to agree with this opinion and I am trying to overcome my black and white vision   
and be ok with things in the middle or being"gray".

Bringing this gray talk into reality or something tangible made me find some gray at Nextdoor today. 
Amanda and I were feeling sort of gray today....
On Amanda: Top, Torn by Ronny Hobo  Pants, Makers
On Me:  T Neck, Michael Stars, Sweater, Elan, denim Red Engine

 But we decided wearing grey didn't mean we had to act grey.
For real...this is how we normally act here.

Have a great weekend...I hear that the gray skies will be nowhere to be found around my city....hope it's 
the same for you.


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